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07 Nov 2005
The Galician papers are content with the result against M??laga. They know the limitations of the squad and agrees that any point achieved will be important. The Andalucian papers believes that the effort done by M??laga deserved a better result, but at the same time recognizes that the mistakes of their squad caused the final result. Finally, all the sources agrees to condemn the poor conditions of the pitch at La Rosaleda.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: The game against Real Sociedad was a signal for Caparr??s. After the shipwreck of Sergio as right winger the Sevillan coach realized that the Catalan should rest in order to give space to a couple of midfielders with orientation to the wings: Scaloni and Duscher. He gave options to De Guzm??n and the Canadian player showed his qualities in a place in which he isn't use to perform. He made a remarkable job against a team of dancers without blood (Real Madrid) and fought against a squad with more spirit (Getafe). But playing far from home and against an electric opponent (Nacho and Valcarce) the Canadian learn than not all the mornings are sunny days. Caparr??s turn down the board and he introduced a true winger (Iv??n Carril) where he must do it and a pivote with attacking abilities (Sergio). With that modifications Depor changed his image. Maybe he will let that figure for the trip to Santander. Yesterday's reaction deserve it. Arturo Lezcano.

El Ideal Gallego: Life still the same. One more season and Deportivo continues to win points in their visits to La Rosaleda. At the same time M??laga isn't capable of achieving wins against the Blanquiazules. The Galician squad was responsible of a boring game during the first half and all the fingers were appointing to a 0-0 draw. But the goal of Antonio Tapia's squad put the things in their place. The goal awaked Deportivo and they tried to maintain their positive record in M??laga, they finally did it, at least for one more season. Depor couldn't achieve the third consecutive victory, but the defeats of their more near rivals let them stay very close to the European spots.

AS: Valer??n, an entity so strange like Trist??n is part of Caparr??s’  army, soldiers with the same style than Di Livio, ones that fulfil the new identity of Deportivo. He frustrated the evening of M??laga. His goal, a lesson of simplicity saved one point to his team and left without value an imperial shot of Nacho and all the work made by M??laga, another army (the one of Tapia) that was better than Deportivo in almost the complete match. But it wasn't enough. In a pitch in bad conditions (the field had a cost of €1,800,000 but don't let any team to make three consecutive passes) and in a game for warriors Depor demonstrated that they aren't suffering of a lack of spirit as they did in another seasons. Juan Jim?nez.

La Voz de Galicia: Direct football. A phrase that occults the reality of the game: the absence of quality. Third consecutive match for Depor adding points, this time it's only one more. A draw that it seems it's an improvement from the last two victories... or maybe it's worse, you never know. At least the sensation is that the team could perform better in a pretty bad field. In a football without concessions, the same one in which the long balls are the only alternative M??laga did a good job. Maybe because their absences in midfield obligated them to perform on that way, or maybe because Tapia accepts what he has. So, the M??laga-Depor match was only comparable to an Ireland-Wales confrontation on rugby. Jos? Fern??ndez.

Sur digital (M??laga): When one team enjoys a narrow advantage the rules in football says that you can't fall back without condition. You can't also commit foolish mistakes in the area or to give options in the counterattacks. M??laga gave to the rival two points after leaving without coverage the left wing. The same situation that happened in the 0-2 against Espanyol. During the week the optimism of having at home seven of the next ten games appeared in the M??laga's fans. But it will be better the opposite situation. Excluding the game with Betis in which the team scored an early goal the home matches have been tough, the team has a lot of difficulties when they are obligated to dictate the rhythm of the game. The squad doesn't have Juanito, Romero, Miguel ?ngel, Duda or Baiano anymore and Juan Rodr?guez performs far from the zone in which he’s dangerous. Sergio Cort?s.

La Opini??n de M??laga: Any similarity with the reality is just coincidence... But it's annoying. M??laga left Deportivo alive one more time at La Rosaleda. And that after been leading the score and touching the victory with the hands. Do you like to play chess? Antonio Tapia and Joaqu?n Caparr??s did it in a table that was in very bad conditions. The draw was imminent, and not for the lack of ambition. It was for the strategic study made by both sides. M??laga attacked in the first half, but Depor is unpredictable, a 'giant' under reconstruction that could kill you at any moment. The effort was made, but the question was: could the team continue in the same way during the second half? Nacho did it, but Depor like all the 'giants' kills when you let them do it. Caparr??s trusted in Iv??n Carril and he ran 45 meters in order to make a pass to Valer??n who scored the goal. Maybe it happened because Gerardo didn't want to force his fifth yellow card of the season. 1-1 draw. The same result  for the forth time in five years. It wasn't enough reward... Miguel G??mez.

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