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23 Nov 2013
Javier Arizmendi confessed that the physical problems and the consequent lack of form were affecting him. Now, despite not been at the top, he’s feeling better and much more confident. The Madrilenian expects for a hard game on Sunday.

Striker Javier Arizmendi offered a press conference on Friday’s morning; he talked about his physical problems and his lack of confidence for not matching his own expectations, but he started saying that the coach hasn’t said anything about repeating the lineup on Sunday, “Let’s hope it can be like that. I am available for it, but we don’t know yet. We will know it until the day of the game.”

Returning to his previous physical problems, the attacker living his second stage at Depor explained that he’s feeling better, “I am much better now, but it’s true that I had been dragging physical problems that prevented to be 100% ready and later it left me out of the list of picked players. Now, feeling better and much more confident, I still need to improve. I still can improve. To perform for the whole ninety minutes the other day would have been too much for me, so little by little, and trying to improve in the games and the trainings, I hope to reach a higher level.”

And it’s that the Madrilenian admitted that his physical problems were affecting his morale due to his self-pressure, “I am too demanding with myself, at all levels, not only in football, and when things aren’t working out for me then, maybe, I am too anxious, not to demonstrate something, but to respond to the confidence of the club, and when I cannot do it, no matter it is for an injury or for not been at the top, then it might affect me, but I have experience and know that it shouldn’t affect my performance, but it’s true that the demand with myself is too big and perhaps I should adjust it, but the last game brought confidence and now I hope to improve.”

A journalist asked him about his celebration in the first goal of Depor, which was possible thanks to his assist, and he said that, “Well yes. I wanted to… I wanted to remove the rage from those physical problems. I wasn’t able to be content on the pitch and it was useful to remove the bad feelings, to forget them. The game was important for the team and it was important to open the road in that way.”

Then Arizmendi analyzed the upcoming game against SD Ponferradina, “There are no easy games at Segunda División, we have sawn the equality there. We’re expecting for a hard and competitive game, it’s a rival that won’t make things easier for us, but we must think more of ourselves than of the rival. We are fine in defense, and from that point, trying to clinch a clean sheet, I believe we can get the three points.”

“Ponferradina don’t want to live two straight matchdays losing, later they face a team like Deportivo, something that’s hopeful for any player, so they’ll surely play a game with a lot of intensity, facing one of the aspirants to promotion, so it won’t be easy, but planning things as it has happened so far I believe we can manage to get the three points.” He added.

He isn’t obsessed about the possibility of becoming the leader of Segunda during this weekend, “I am not worried about that. What I want is to be where I am now. What matters is what happens at matchday 42. Clearly it’s relieving to be there at this point, watching all the teams from above, nobody will take away the points from us. There are rivals that should be at the top at the end, like Mallorca and Zaragoza, and to have this advantage now is very good no matter that a lot still ahead.”

Neither he thinks that the current problems at the club are affecting the players, “The institutional mess isn’t affecting us, not at all. We’ve demonstrated it in every matchday. Neither are we surprised. We have been fine at defense; I believe the good teams are made from the defensive solidity, but it’s also true that we need to improve a lot in offense. I also believe we have created a strong human factor, and this also brings points. It’s important.”

Finally, Arizmendi was thanking the fans for their support, mainly as around 2,000 are expected to make the trip to Ponferrada, “We appreciate it. We have an asset which is the fans and there’s no comparison with other Segunda clubs. We’re grateful and will try to allow them to have a happy Sunday. We only have words to thank the fans and we only hope to match their level.”



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