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27 Nov 2013
German Lux avoids the highlights and says that the solid defense of Deportivo relies in the defensive skills of the whole team. He believes that the key to stay at the top is to remain calm and face the situation game after game.

Goalkeeper German Lux addressed the media after Tuesday’s training; he was praising the level of Depor’s defense and also emphasized the role of the eleven players in the defensive tasks, “We need to be calm. We are going game after game. Everything has been said before, because no one expected to see this team where it is right now. We know in the inside that we still can improve. We must remain calm and go game after game.”

“The defense has been the most important thing, but I believe that the strikers could be the best defenders. We are doing a great job in that aspect and surely we can do more, I mean to have more arrivals and be more dangerous, though for now it has been enough with this.” He added.

He insisted that Deportivo must try to improve the ability to create more scoring opportunities, “I said it before: in order to aspire to promotion you need to be solid at the back and not to allow many goals, and in this sense we are going in the right direction. Surely you need to score too, but we must remain quiet and not despair, because we still can improve.”

The Argentine man didn’t want to accept the role of “hero” for the past result at SD Ponferradina, “It’s not only the defense, it’s also the attackers and the wingers; the sacrifice of the eleven players, plus the substitutes, is high. We understood the message and we are doing the right things. We just need to gain the capacity to create more opportunities and have more arrivals to the rival’s area.”

In any case he’s happy with his current performance, “These things help you to gain confidence. I am content with the team and need to continue like this, without getting despair. I am content now. I said before that wanted to play. I didn't have good luck in Europe and want to see this team growing. Now I’m having minutes, but also believe that I still can improve. “

Asked if the game at El Toralín was his best presentation at Depor, he answered that, “Maybe, neither they had too many arrivals. I believe that I had other games in which I made more saves. I remember the game at Valladolid, I made two saves there, but the important thing is the team, we added the points and we are now the leaders. It’s important. We need to be content, but at the same time must remain calm. There’s a big room for improvement.”

Finally, Lux talked of the upcoming clash at the Riazor, “Lugo is at the top of the standings too. They play good football and have good strikers. We must continue thinking of ourselves, doing our job and keep adding points. We have our own characteristics and need to exploit them.”



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