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10 Dec 2013
Depor reached the top at Segunda during November, led by the return of Marchena and the improvement of Culio and the appearance of Luisinho. The Argentine man was named as the best player in the period thanks to his goal and two assists.

After a very disappointing month of October, period in which Depor only managed to get one win, the Galician outfit lived the opposite scenario in November after clinching four wins plus one draw. Among the main factors for this big change are three players. The first is Juan Culio, who received plenty of criticism in the first few months of the season, but finally managed to live up to the expectations.

And it’s that in many frames of November’s games the Argentine man was the heart of the attacking line, scoring a goal and providing two assists in the five games played in the month. His hard work on the pitch, both in offensively and defensively, was greatly appreciated by both the fans and the media. He quickly became the engine of the team.

A second turning point was the comeback of Carlos Marchena. The Andalusian centre-back returned to the starting eleven at the beginning of November and restored confidence within the team. Depor only conceded one goal in the entire month, and scored seven. Interestingly, Marchena also contributed in the offensive aspect, scoring twice.

Marchena earned two man of the match awards, while Culio only got one, but the big difference is that the Argentine man was always among the most voted players, reason why he added 26 points, five more than the veteran defender.

Another crucial factor is the great work of Luisinho, who was performing on the wing during the month. Fernando Vazquez put Juan Carlos and Rudy on the bench, and the Portuguese player has made a solid job in this offensive position.

The month started with the game against Real Madrid Castilla. Marchena only needed 15 minutes to score an amazing goal and put Depor back on track. Depor ended up winning the game 2-0. A week later, a well-organised Depor managed to beat the leaders Recreativo de Huelva at their stadium, thanks to a late goal from a corner kick (0-1). One week later, a spirited Deportivo easily clinched the three points against Oltra's RCD Mallorca at the Riazor (3-1). Depor played a rather poor game at SD Ponferradina afterwards, but a penalty goal from Culio meant the three points for the Galicians. Finally the month ended with a little disappointment, as Depor were not able to break the deadlock in the Galician derby against CD Lugo (0-0).

The great performance of Culio, Marchena and Luisinho were the main three reasons of Depor's recovery this month. It’s also worth to mention that Insua and Lux put some stellar performances as well, as they had been doing all season long. In the end, Culio came out on top and becomes rcdlc.com's third player of the month during this season.

Resume of the month:


Best player

Collective note
















Overall: The 24 points added in the month have pulled Culio to the first place, a surprising thing taking in mind he was 9th on last month. Pablo Insua is now the runner-up only two points behind, while Álex Bergantiños was pulled down to the third place.

Overall Table
1st Culio 34pts
2nd Insua 32pts
3rd Alex 27pts
4th Rudy 24pts
5th Marchena 21pts
6th Luisinho 18pts
7th Juán Domínguez 14pts
=7th Borja Bastón 14pts
9th Lux 13pts
10th Arizmendi 12pts
11th Juán Carlos 10pts
12th Laure 9pts
13th Seoane 6pts
14th Luis 5pts
=14th Fabricio 5pts
16th Teles 4pts
17th Wilk 3pts
18th Bruno Gama 2pts
=18th Kaka 2pts
20th Uxio 1pt
=20th Quique Fornos 1pt
22nd Manuel Pablo 0pts




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