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11 Dec 2013
One of the most positive news from the last game against Alavés is the performance of Juan Carlos. The playmaker addressed the media on Tuesday and said that he feels relieved with his game and goal, though this is only beginning.

Juan Carlos Real scored his first goal with the first team of Deportivo during the meeting against Alavés. It was his best game on the season, which included a great play that could have ended into the second goal. He addressed the media on Tuesday and admitted the ups and downs of his performance during this season.

“It’s clear that you always try to please the coach and if you don’t do it then you feel badly. In the end you always have the pressure of doing a good job, so a goal is liberating and it’s helpful. I knew I hadn’t matched my level before, though in other games I was fine, but well… I have been working at the top and everything is helpful. The reward of the goal helps me a lot.” He said.

The playmaker continued analyzing his current season, “I had ups and downs, in some games I didn’t match the expectations and in others I was fine. I always did my best during the trainings, though what matters is what you do during the weekends and you end feeling bad when things aren’t fine, but I didn’t surrender and, despite nothing is done yet, a goal and the fact of being a starter is always important for anyone. My main goal isn’t to score, but to net some goals is helpful, mainly as it helps to win the games. I am happy for playing again and to see the team winning. I felt comfortable with the passage of the minutes and everything worked out.”

Then he was asked about what Fernando Vázquez said a couple of weeks ago about some players don’t matching the expectations, “He knew it and I knew it. I talked to him about it, because I knew I wasn’t matching my level, these are up and downs as it difficult to see a player always keeping the level. I believe I’ve improved and want to stay on this way.”

He’s feeling content as Depor regained the leadership thanks to the latest victory, “We are content for how thing are. We are a living a positive streak and are working for it. In the end we are getting the results of the hard work and let’s hope it will continue in the same way. Nobody wants to step down from there, though we know it’s complicated. We work to get the victory and will try to open a gap with the third place, but we know it’s too soon and that it will be complicated.”

The former Fabril also noticed a more balanced game between defense and offense, “We know it was something missed by the team. We were fine at defense and for that reason we have only allowed a few goals, but perhaps we were missing something in attack. We train during the week in order to improve and we are now more settled. We were more balanced between defense and attack during the last game.”

Finally, Juan Carlos talked of the upcoming meeting visiting SD Eibar, “We know it will be hard, it’s a tough rival, but as I always said: we work for ourselves and must focus in our job. Knowing this is a new chance to get the three points, being careless of the field or of the rival. Our idea is always to go out for the three points. They’ve quality players and it will be hard to play there as they’ll want to dominate the game.”



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