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23 Dec 2013
The papers were satisfied with the spectacle, but not with the outcome. The media pointed out that Depor should have won due to the things done in the game. The performance of Antonio Núñez was applauded.

Deporte Campeón:  Draw on the roller coaster. Deportivo couldn’t get a win in the last game of the year at the Riazor, an encounter in which they allowed three goals, the highest on this season, and also left glimpses of good football with emotional ups and downs that allowed the opponent to repeatedly jeopardize the Galicians.

Fernando Vazquez refused to play with two strikers, only Borja, but lined up Núñez at the starting formation. The right winger earned the renewal with a rounded game, because from his boots came out the best crosses from the right side. It was what might have been and wasn’t, for better or for worse, because the team threw a coin yesterday and it happened this. Draw, to enjoy Christmas and Happy Holidays. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: It only missed the victory. Deportivo missed the opportunity to confirm the leadership at Segunda. In a crazy and very entertaining match, with the connivance of a Numancia that squeezed the Galician weakness in set-pieces, Riazor vibrated like never before on this season. A game without truce that went through many different stages, but that Depor should have won at the times they were plugged. The Galician team started loose and granted a 0-1 born offside; it came back with a barrage of football and scoring opportunities at the middle of the first part: it was wrong as it retreated forgetting the ball to see Numancia getting a 2-3 and ended locking its opponent, tying the game and creating clear chances to have taken the win.

The transformation lived by Deportivo after the break was what ended endangering a victory that the Riazor enjoyed during the most vibrant 45 minutes of the season. Used to fearful and limited opponents, Numancia took to the field to tighten up, biting and wanting to play in the attacking half. They choked Deportivo in the output of the ball, a team that was hypotensive at the beginning and that saw how things were uphill at minute 10.

Depor suffered the punishment in the set-pieces and also for forgetting of the ball and, with it, of Culio and Juan Dominguez. The comeback of Numancia, again, was a call to arms . Vazquez chose Luis Fernández, Juan Carlos and Rudy and the team was reborn. It was again a whirlwind it swept away Numancia, very short in a physical sense for the final stretch, and conceded a tie that could also be a defeat. Culio threw a dangerous free-kick and Ripa risked the penalty preventing Luis to get the ball inside the box. Those were the previous actions to the endless opportunities. Luis Fernandez tied the game after a terrible confusion of the rival’s defense, but it could was more than that: Culio, Insua, Juan Carlos... all of them had glaring chances to unbalance the game. Laure missed the last chance, already at the 95’, far away from his habitat. The match ended in a draw and the bittersweet taste of a vibrant show that nevertheless left the feeling of a lost opportunity for the leader at Segunda. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Gifts. It was a busy weekend for Deportivo, firstly with the historical shareholders meeting of the ‘no’ and then a game for the heart attack, frantic and with six goals, more proper of the times with Oltra than of the current moments. Maybe two seasons ago Depor have won such an encounter, mainly because it had a lot more punch. Now success is built from the defense and when you fail in set-pieces, like yesterday, then the chances of success are reduced. Too many gifts to the opponent. A difficult problem to fix, because of the tendency of the team to take a step back when they take the lead. Symptom of fear, unworthy of a leader. However, the season that Deportivo are completing is just remarkable, almost outstanding.

Because you cannot ask for much more to this supportive and generous team, at least in efforts. On top of all it is a team. Yesterday they ended up locking the rival at its area, a rocky adversary as Numancia is. Even when there is no football there’s the heart. The one of the footballers and the thousands of fans that made the Riazor roar. A stadium that imposes even before the most planted rival. It's nice to see this Depor carry with everything, also glad to see that there’s someone capable of releasing decent crosses from the right: Antonio Núñez. He should continue until June. His renewal will be the first Christmas present for Fernando Vazquez, but should not be the only one. Two more will be needed, at least one striker and a left winger. Essential to make a definitive quality leap. For now, Vasquez focuses on how to improve what he has, just in case the Magic Kings bring him coal. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: During the long drought of “El Niño” at Chelsea, the stands at the Stanford Bridge responded to taunts over the striker singing " Fernando Torres, he scores when he wants". Then the blue fans got tired a bit of the lack of accuracy of the Madrilenian attacker ( 24 games without a goal) and sometimes they sang other things, but that's not important. Anyway, yesterday Depor made a Torres. Regarding the goal and also in terms of game. It woke up every time the opponent demanded it and proved that beyond the traditional solidity, Fernando Vazquez has a capable starting eleven to move the ball and lock the opponent at its corner. And thank goodness, because during the phases of hibernation, the Blanquiazul outfit was again a disaster in set-pieces. Errors in the marks and lack of decision that Numancia punished in the boot of Julio Álvarez. The Galician player also left his imprint on the best game of the season at the Riazor. Xurxo Fernández.

AS: Depor and Numancia divided the points in a total game. The tangled duel could surprise the Riazor, but not Fernando Vazquez. The coach said that he expected for a game to be played “at both areas” and that’s exactly what was seen from the first minute. Numancia came out with ambition, without fear or complex. Anquela advanced the position of the defense and the pressure was suffocating as it brought problems to Deportivo under the direction of Julio Alvarez. The award came with the goal of Juanma, but shouldn’t have counted due to an offside of Regalón, assistant in the goal.

Depor didn’t sink, it brought out its character of leader and, in an accelerated afternoon, the comeback had to be giddy too, and nothing better to seal it in a heartbeat . It was initiated by Juan Dominguez, who already knew what was to score before Numancia. First, big solo-play, then a perfect crossed left-footed shot. No time to celebrate, Núñez came as a bolt on the side, Borja scored with a downward header. What Depor weren’t able to do in eighteen matchdays, to come back in the score, was made yesterday in a minute.

In the second half the madness continued, but with a lower pace. Depor stepped back relying on its defense, but the ghost of the set-pieces returned with the entry of Sergi, who turned the score upside down again. But emotions were to last until the end, and there it appeared Luis, scoring at the 91st minute and seeing how the referee stole a penalty at the 94 '. The fact is that Arcediano, who also failed to expel Juanma and Bergantiños, was terrible in an afternoon of total football that promises a good 2014 for Depor and Numancia. Luis de La Cruz.

Diario de Soria: Numancia wasted the advantage in the added time playing at the field of the leader. Numancia close the year with a great football match at the Riazor, perhaps with not much quality, but full of vibrations, emotions, goals and incidents. Anquela’s team could have won, it could have lost too, but ended up tying scoring three times in set-pieces, three goals visiting the first place. And the them grazed the three points, but a defensive mismatch deprived the Soriano club from a big win to close down the year 2013. Still it’s a valuable loot that clearly demonstrates that this is a very serious Numancia.



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