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25 Dec 2013
The main candidate to become the next president of Deportivo, Tino Fernández, talked to Radio Galega one day before Lendoiro announced his exit. He’s now the main candidate to become the next president of Deportivo.

Last Friday’s shareholders meeting was a big defeat for current president Lendoiro and the first big win for Tino Fernández. Thanks to his supporters all the points in the agenda were rejected by the shareholders. Still, it left a bittersweet taste in his mouth as the board of directors didn’t want to accept his petition to fire them during the meeting.

For many people this was illegal as Tino Fernández had more than the 50% of the valid votes. The candidate thinks the same and was preparing a demand against the board of directors. On Monday’s night the candidate talked to Radio Galega and explained his position, “4,000 shareholders were supporting us, but no matter what, they didn’t listen to us. The reunion was a disaster, they wanted to have a board of directors named by them, but it cannot be like that. They wanted to approve their own financial states and it was a disaster.”

These declarations were made hours before Lendoiro announced that he was retiring his candidacy to re-election. Still, Tino wasn’t content as he understand that the current president wanted to extend his dominion during the days in which the club will negotiate with the creditors, “It’s an obsession of Lendoiro to reach the date of January 10 as the president, because he wants to present his percentage of the forgiven debt (33%) in order to avoid his legal responsibility. We are now trying to get new delegations of shares, many people have offered us their support, and we will search for new support at the peñas. Lendoiro is obsessed in staying as the president and for me it’s clear that I’m more Deportivista than him.”

He confirmed that he was going to present a criminal complaint and even asked to have a neutral entity supervising next months’ elections, “Tomorrow or on Thursday we will present a criminal complaint. We will present our complaint everywhere, in la liga and in the court for the things done at Deportivo La Coruña. We will ask that the meeting of January 21 could be supervised by somebody.” However, it isn’t clear if he will do it after Lendoiro announced hi exit in January. Fernández didn’t want to talk to the media after the announcement was made.

Tino also explained that they voted against all the points in the agenda during last Friday’s meeting, even the one naming the auditors, as they wanted a total victory over the board of directors, “We voted against the auditors, because we wanted to take down all the proposals made by the board of directors. This company also work for us; I´ve nothing against them, but we had a clear objective.”

“The accounts are false and we cannot make responsible the shareholders for something that’s only the fault of the board of administrators. The accountings were made too late. The norm of this board is to make things until the end, even standing upon the brick of the abyss, and you cannot make responsible the shareholders. The accountings are false and you cannot put the responsibility on the shareholders’ hands.” He added.

The candidate has been criticized by Lendoiro’s supporters as he has a business relation with RC Celta [his company Altia is a sponsor of Celta and has a lodge at Balaídos] and he defended himself saying that, “I already explained many times that I’m a president of a technology company with 100 employees in Vigo and I’m happy with them. I don’t have any problem with Celta and am not anti-Celta. I have my business and later we support our teams. I understand that people want to take me under. People are wrong if they think that you need to be rude with Celta in order to be Depor’s president.”

He insisted that it’s hardly risked to attend to next month’s creditors meeting without agreement with the main creditor, the tax agency, “This administration process is very long and hasn’t been made properly, and it’s a complicate case. I hope the case will be solved for the good of Deportivo. If there’s a change in the deal it should be made after an agreement with the Treasury, because if not we will have a serious problem. The responsibility is always on the side of this board of administrators, who always are upon the edge of the abyss.”

Finally, Tino Fernández is sure that the attitude of Lendoiro was only adding votes to his candidacy, “To pass over the legality is something wrong, but I think it will have a multiplier effect. Many people voted against the accounting of the club. The lack of democracy is a wrong business.”

Now that Lendoiro is leaving the race, Tino Fernández is becoming into the main candidate to become the next president of Deportivo. It still pends if he will now focus on his candidacy or if he will try to continue with the intention of forcing the exit of the board of directors before January 21.



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