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29 Dec 2013
Football is played on the pitch, but many times the words can end affecting the performance of any team. This first part is listing the best quotes related to Deportivo during the last six months of the year that’s ending.

The following is a collecting of the best quotes related to Deportivo that were made between July and December of 2013. Many of them were made at the press rooms of Abegondo and the Riazor, there also quotes from interviews and a couple of comments made in private conversations.

July 02: Lux on the day he signed a one-year extension:
“Surely there were other offers from Primera, but this is a hopeful project. We will try to have the best team and must ask ourselves: why the coach signed for two years? Well, because he knows what he’s doing. We want to return to Primera.”

July 02: Lendoiro after receiving an e-mail from the administrators in which they were menacing in liquidating the club in the following fifteen days:
“For me it isn’t an ultimatum. They should be the ones answering why they sent it. We just want to say to the fans that Deportivo won't disappear.”

July 05: Fernando Vázquez asked if to not achieve the promotion in the first year should be considered as a failure:
“What do you believe I’m thinking? In staying at Segunda? What would I be transmitting to the team? The idea of staying at Segunda División? No. What I want is to clinch the promotion now, though nothing would happen if we don’t achieve it during the first year, but I will try to do it now. It should be the target, but if we don’t do it now, then it won’t be a failure.”

July 06: Manuel Pablo complaining on why the situation with the unpaid wages wasn’t solved before:
“I am not inside the head of the administrators. What happens is that we have spent six months living the same situation: without going forward nor backwards and we haven’t reached any agreement. I believe things will be fixed, but also that a lot of time has passed. Things will be sorted, but it could have been fixed before.”

July 11: Lendoiro saying that the situation with the player’s wages was under control:
“There’s much more money of what we need, therefore the viability of the club is something without question.”

July 13: Juan Dominguez upset with the situation of the player’s unpaid wages:
“They fix a deadline and later it turns out that there’s a new problem and things aren’t fixed, then it happens the same as we end without solutions, we have spent months living the same. Later we hear comments that everything is fine and that there’s enough money and I hope that someday the words are translated into action. We hope to see the facts and not to end hearing another speech. The words are carried by the wind.”

July 10: Kaká explaining why he decided to return:
“Why to return to Depor? Because the players that I met were always welcomed me and also for the fans. On here I learned to enjoy of the team. The fans are one of the reasons why I returned, besides I want to help Deportivo with my work.”

July 17: Luis Fernández talking during the pre-season about his goal:
“I’m here in order to gain a spot at the first team. We’re lacking strikers and this fact can give me more responsibility but we can also sign reinforcements. I am here in order to demonstrate to the coach that I can have a spot.”

July 23: Rudy during his presentation at Depor:
“For me this experience is really important. Deportivo is a big club in Spain. It’s a big jump for me despite been at Segunda. I spoke to my agent and I know that the second division in Spain is really competitive. I want to help Deportivo to get the promotion to Primera and reach my goal, which is to be a solid player.” 

July 29: Manuel Pablo confirming the riot at Deportivo as the players’ wages situation wasn’t fixed yet:
“We thought that things were going to be fixed during the vacation period, but they didn’t make the decisions. Now two days are left and we are still waiting for a solution. It’s a long issue that has been left for the last minute. We don’t see the point of traveling to Portugal if there’s no solution to this situation. We will train that morning, but won’t make the trip if things aren’t fixed before.”

July 31: Lendoiro complaining on the situation with the players’ wages that almost cost the demotion:
” We won’t be a drag, but you have to look at things calmly. We will not sign our death sentence, at some point it seemed something similar to a military coup.”

August 01: Manuel Pablo defending himself for the criticism after the things happened on July 31:
“The players didn’t’ want the relegation. The ones that reached the agreement were the AFE, la liga, the players and the club. The others didn’t. There are many lies about us. If I am pointed out for what happened yesterday then I can only say that I don’t like it, but you need to be the captain, either for the good and the bad things.”

August 02: Arizmendi during his presentation returning to Depor after six years:
“This was an easy decision to make. I have great memories of A Coruña; I spent great years here at all levels. The familiar issue was important [his wife is Galician] I felt comfortable on here and sign with the hope of having a happy ending like the past opportunity. There have been many turns before coming back, some were better and other worse. I’ve now more experience, but having the same hopes compared to my first arrival.”

August 09: Culio during his presentation:
“I chose Deportivo because this is a challenge and also a great team to play. I found out a pretty city and warm people. The people from the club encouraged me since the first call. The bet on here is clear, to make a solid year and put Deportivo where it must be: at Primera.”

August 09: Fernando Vázquez on Geijo’s arrival:
“The true is that we are waiting for Geijo, it is the true. He’s the chief striker. The player wants to be here; he told me about it and I told the club, but for different circumstances it has been delayed.”

August 13: Cezary Wilk during his presentation at Depor:
“When I heard about this offer I didn’t think twice. I wanted to play here and to play with these players. This is a big team.  For me this is a really great, great decision. “

August 18: Bruno Gama explaining why he was leaving:
“It was the best for all of us. I am feeling motivated to continue working. There were offers, I won’t talk of it, but in the end it’s the best for everybody, so I’m content because I can help the club.”

August 20: Ze Castro saying good-bye after five years at the club:
“All the stages end at some point. I always respected the club and in this case, for some motives, it isn’t good to talk of money during my good-bye speech. I prefer to talk of other subjects. I prefer to remember the good moments that I lived here. Depor can only pay what they can pay now and they need to build up a team that can achieve the promotion. I’ll now be a fan hoping to see Depor return where it belongs.”

August 20: Lendoiro explaining why he signed Fabricio back after having a legal dispute with the keeper:
“I was defending the rights of the club, and now I believe I did the same. He’s a good keeper and has signed for us. I am not a rancorous person.”

August 29: Borja Bastón during his presentation:
“Since the first moment my agent received the call of Deportivo I didn’t think twice. I told him to force the situation and to fight for this option until the end.”

September 02: Marchena explaining why he returned to Depor:
“I always had the intention of coming back to Deportivo and that’s why I’m content, happy, enchanted for returning. I was always happy in A Coruña and would love to give back the love that people offered to me on last year.”

September 02: Lendoiro complaining on the negative of the administrators to sign Geijo:
”They didn’t allow us to sign Geijo and it was just for a difference of 200,000 Euros. They want us to be the richest ones in the cemetery and we won’t allow this.”

September 03:   Alex Geijo on his failed signing for Depor:
“It’s a shame that in this sport you can have a lack of seriousness and also a lack of respect by some people.”

September 03:   Lendoiro complaining in the lack of help by Fernando Vázquez in order to push in the signing of Geijo:
“Yesterday I called many times Fernando in order to come here, because he should have explained that the signing of Geijo wasn’t a petition of the club and neither of the president, but of the coach. He never accepted my calls. “

September 07: Fernando Vázquez on the misunderstood with Lendoiro regarding the signing of Geijo:
“I will never discuss with the president. He’s the boss. He called me and we are all together on this.”

September 17: Álex Bergantiños complaining of the referee in the game at Sporting Gijón:
“I saw on TV the long run he [the referee] made in order to show the yellow card to Luisinho, it seemed he was celebrating it. He was having an intensity that wasn’t seeing in the rest of the game. Sometimes the referees tend to help the local teams and this isn’t an excuse. The rival also made a good game. The match was equal and we must also look to ourselves, because we have problems trying to attack well-placed rivals. We cannot manage what the referees do, but can control what the team does.”

October 09: Fernando Vázquez comparing the strong defense of Depor and the problems to score goals:
“Probably I will prefer to be the best scorer in the league, but the reality is different and I’m content for been the team that has allowed the lesser number of goals, which is also important.”

November 20: Fernando Vázquez on the fact that Depor was close to reach the first place at Segunda:
“The goal is to end first or second. I don’t care about the championship; I would sign to continue at the second place until the end. We will go game by game and if we are the leaders then we are the leaders. If we are second then we will remain content. We aren’t obsessed with the leadership.”

November 26: Lux showing his surprise for the run of the team and also explaining the key to stay at the top:
“No one expected to see this team where it is right now. We know in the inside that we still can improve. We must remain calm and go game after game.”

November 28: Culio during an interview at Marca:
"The fans on here are like the Turkish fans: very hot. We don't play with eleven men, but with twelve, thanks to them. They are one more player."

December 02: Jose Luis Devesa after Fabril’s 1-3 defeat against UD Somozas:
“What happens is that we have players on here that aren’t coming in order to compete.”

December 03: German Conchado attacking Tino Fernández and Paco Zas:
“Tino Fernández is a shitty Celtista. They [Tino & Zas] behave in an uncooperative and opportunistic manner, as only serving their interests and not those of the other candidates. “

December 20: Tino Fernández after the annual shareholders meeting:
“Deportivo need a change. We need fairness and transparency. We will search for any possible legal way to see the exit of the current board of directors. Deportivo need a change and we are that change."

December 21: Numancia’s Anquela after the 3-3 draw against Depor:
“They were coming by all sides and playing good football and I believe it was a miracle that we were able to get out alive. We scored three goals and the pity is that didn’t manage to keep the advantage, because the rival didn’t allow us to do it. They had faith and if the game would have lasted one more minute then we surely would have lost.”

December 24: Tino Fernández criticizing Lendoiro during a radio interview:
“I am more Deportivista than Lendoiro”

December 24: Lendoiro announcing that he was retiring his candidacy to re-election:
“It’s clear that a change is needed. All of us have to accept it. If there’s a change we cannot stop it. There has been a primary election, people have responded and we have to abide by the will of the majority. You have to be realistic. We realize that the wave is not favorable and should not break over the fight. You want the toy, well here you have it, enjoy of it and please be responsible.”

December 27: Tino Fernández answering to Lendoiro:
“Deportivo are not a toy, it’s a business of feelings and the hope of many people.”



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