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04 Jan 2014
The elections at Deportivo have reached a conflicted point that’s already irritating the fans, from the insults to the latest accusations that one of the candidates is involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Spain.

Three weeks are left to the elections at Deportivo and, despite the exit of Augusto César Lendoiro from the race, the situation remains conflicted between the candidates. On Monday candidate Germán Conchado released a press statement in which he accused candidate Tino Fernández of two things. The first is for cheating and the second for been involved in a corruption scandal.

First to all Conchado is demanding an explanation as the candidacy of Tino Fernández was phoning Depor’s shareholders in order to get their support for the past meeting held in December, and in some cases to their private phones, information not even possessed by the club, so the former lawyer of Deportivo wants to know how he got this information as he considers that it’s a violation in the voting process.

The second accusation is more controversial, because Conchado, without showing any proof, was pointing to Tino Fernández as a beneficiary in four contracts signed by his company Altia with the city council of A Coruña, deals that would be involved in the corruption case of Iñaki Urdangarín (husband of the Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca, the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos), who has been accused of diverting public funds for his own profit through the Nóos institute in the 'Palma Arena' case.

Conchado also detected that, for the past shareholders meeting, some of the delegated votes in favour of Tino Fernández should have been invalidated due to some regularities; however he admitted later in a radio interview that the low number of cases (878) wouldn’t have changed the results and also that it won’t have any impact in the elections.

The reaction of Tino Fernández was furious; he wrote a message on Twitter saying that, “"Germán Rodriguez Conchado is wrong in everything. He [Conchado] is a slanderer and a liar, and the best he has done is to contribute to the dire situation of Deportivo. Would he bet against the 650,000 Euros of his big account towards Deportivo [the wages of the lawyer]” It was his only respond to the taunts.

One day later Conchado fired back giving two interviews, in the first one he said that, “Mr. Fernández Pico has no arguments to call me a liar and slanderer. It is the whim of a childish attitude.” Tenser was the second as he was interviewed by journalist Pedro Pablo Alonso at Radio Galega.

Alonso questioned Conchado about the opportunity of releasing the accusations of corruption in the middle of an election process, the response from the candidate was to yell and even to accuse the reporter of been the “lawyer of Mr. Fernández” After some tense minutes he explained why Tino Fernández must give explanations about this case, though once again admitting he has no proofs.

In the meantime candidate Manuel López Cascallar has stayed sidelined from the polemic declarations and just showed his support for the club ahead of the creditors’ meeting. Precisely this is the main concern among the fans, because the possible repercussions due to the attitude of the Tax Agency are causing big concern in a Coruña. Many fans and shareholders already criticized all the candidates for their attitude just one week before a crucial meeting for the club.



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