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08 Jan 2014
The first places at Liga Adelante are passing through a negative period in which they are unusually losing points. Depor remain as the leader despite living its worst moment on the season. Other teams are falling apart.

There’s an unusual situation at Segunda División with the leaders having problems to add the points within the last matchdays. Deportivo have only added two of the last nine points in dispute, which means their worst moment on the season, at least in a statistical sense, but the interesting thing is that the Galicians remain at the top and even extended their lead to three points –their biggest difference so far-

It looks like a contradiction, but it’s a fact that’s possible as the others top teams are also failing. The previous leader, Recreativo de Huelva, is winless within the previous four games and actually they only won one of the last nine encounters. They are now fourth at the standings and it must be remembered that by matchday 11 they were the leaders having a six-point gap.

Other teams falling are Córdoba CF and CD Lugo. The Andalusians were fourth by matchday 11, while the Galicians were third at matchday 14, but both outfits have lost four of the last six games and are already out of the promotion zone.

The rest of teams with promotion aspirations have been combining good and negative results and remain in the battle, but there are two exceptions: Sporting Gijón and SD Eibar. Both sides had more positive results lately and for this reason they have climbed several positions.

The Asturians were eight by matchday 11, ten points behind the first place, but then spent eight games without suffering a defeat and the recent 2-3 loss before Real Zaragoza cut their progression. Still, now they are the runners-up only three points behind Depor.

SD Eibar, meanwhile, were just two points above relegation by matchday 09 (twelve points below the leaders) and later won five of the next six games. After suffering two straight losses they returned to a positive streak and have added seven of the last nine points in dispute. Now the Basques are third at the standings, only three points below Deportivo.

It seems that the tide began to change at matchday 11 as many teams started to lose their good form, for now Deportivo have managed to take advantage of the situation and are living at the top despite the recent outcomes.



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