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14 Jan 2014
Another disaster for Deportivo B. The team was winning early in the first part, but the expulsion of Deák pulled the team into the ground and ended suffering its worst defeat in two years. The team is only six points above relegation.

Coach José Luis Devesa was facing the game with several casualties.  Bicho, Aarón, Adrián Martinez and Iago Beceiro were all out injured, while Paulo Teles wasn’t picked after playing with the first team in the home clash against Girona FC. The only good news was that midfielder Oumar Sidibé was returning and went directly into the starting eleven playing as a centre-back.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the starting goalie, Toni Insua performed at the right side of the defense, Róber did it on the left, while Uxío and Sidibé were the centre-backs, Ángel Fernández and Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Cañi attacked from the right wing, Dani Iglesias did it from the left, Romay was the playmaker, while Chiño was the central attacker.

The rival was Cultural Areas, a team that was in relegation and that arrived with a surprise as coach Fonsi Valverde was hired only hours before this meeting. Midfielder Carlos Rodríguez ‘Pichi’ and defender Sergio Pérez ‘Sito’ were out injured, but ex-Fabril Javier Arenas was a starter. The attacker/winger had scored six goals before this meeting.

The downfall of Deportivo B continued after the oasis of last weekend’s victory. This time all fell apart after an injury case lead to a substitution and an expulsion, something that left the team without substitute defenders. A heavy burden for a devalued team like this Fabril.  In the end Devesa’s team suffered the worst defeat in two years.

And that taking in mind that Fabril had promising start, with José Joaquín Bertua ‘Chiño’ scoring his second goal in the league in his first appearance as a starter. The striker picked a drilling cross of Cañi and gave the lead to the visiting team with a crossed shot.

But things began to twist for Fabril ten minutes later, Toni Insua picked an injury and was replaced by Stefan Deák. The Serbian centre-back committed a penalty over Hugo after two minutes on the pitch. Ex-Fabril José Arenas equalized the game from the penalty spot.

And the nightmare continued for Deák as he was booked for the second time in a controversial decision of referee Fernández Loureiro. He was booked for the first time in the penalty action and later for delaying the game in a throw-in. The Serbian only spent seven minutes on the pitch.

It was a real headache for coach Devesa; his team was forced to play for 62 minutes with ten men and it was unable to make changes, because there were no more defenders on the bench. It was too much for a fragile team like Depor B. Still, the youngsters managed to reach half-time with the 1-1 on the scoresheet after the referee disallowed a new goal of José Arenas due to a very doubtful offside (36’).

The second half was a different history. Cultural Areas was a steamroller that passed over a clueless Fabril. Devesa ordered the second modification and Marcos Remeseiro replaced Chiño. The draw was still a 4-2-3-1, but now with Remeseiro on the left wing and Dani Iglesias at the centre of the attack.

But it didn’t have any impact in the game and the locals defined the game in just four minutes. First midfielder Juan Feijoo scored with a low shot from the edge of the area, then defender Damián Estévez scored the third with an acrobatic shot after David Gómez deflected a previous attempt in a corner-kick action.

The fourth goal came at the middle of the half. This time it was winger Carlos Pereira, who seized an error of David Gómez at the moment of clearing the ball after a long throw coming from the defensive zone. Álex Pérez was the third substation replacing Cañi; Devesa was putting two strikers on the pitch, but it was too late as Depor’s youngsters were already defeated.

There was even time for a fifth goal, which was scored by José Arenas after heading home a cross coming from the right. In this way this turned to be the worst defeat for Deportivo B since the 1-7 loss visiting Real Madrid Castilla during the Segunda B season 2010/11 (Feb 13, 2011).

The poor campaign of Deportivo B continued as the team opened the second round suffering the worst defeat in two years. The early substitution and expulsion left the team with only ten men on the field, an unbearable burden for a team lacking confidence. The result leaves the team at the 12th position, only six points above the pit. On next Saturday, Depor’s youngsters are hosting seventh place Arosa SC (17h00 CET), a rival that has only lost one of the last seven matches.

Comments of Devesa: ”The team didn’t leave a poor impression, it was the opposite. We cannot only look at the result. I believe it behaved pretty well before a situation in which the referee clearly didn’t judge both teams in the same way.  We don’t know what happens against us, but it isn’t normal. It already happened in the expulsion of Romay. In any case it isn’t an excuse; we witnessed what has happened to us throughout the season: lack of punch at both areas. Too many individual errors at the moment of making the decisions.”

Cultural Areas: (4-2-3-1) Vitas - Damián, Portas, Cañi, Bruno Pérez - Fonseca (Brais 80’), Hugo - Couso (David Domínguez 64’), Pereira (Demi 70’) - José Arenas.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez - Toni Insua (Deák 21’), Uxío, Sidibé, Róber - Queijeiro, Ángel - Cañi (Álex Pérez 71’), Romay, Dani Iglesias - Chiño (Remeseiro 53’)
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Chiño, 1-1: (26’) José Arenas (penalty), 2-1: (56’) Feijoo, 3-1: (60’) Damián, 4-1: (68’) Pereira, 5-1: (81’) Jose Arenas
Referee: Abel Fernández Lodeiro. He showed yellow card to Couso (53’) & Bruno Pérez (88’). Deák was sent off (28’)
Venue: A Lomba (400)




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