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15 Jan 2014
Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday; he believes that Deportivo must avoid more draws and targets to improve the performance at home. He also confirmed that Seoane is going to be a starter on Sunday.

The midweek press conference of coach Fernando Vázquez took place on Tuesday. He talked to reporters for sixteen minutes and analyzed several issues. The Galician tactician confessed that the absence of Álex Bergantiños for the game against UD Las Palmas will be hard if the competition committee doesn’t rescind the fifth yellow card saw by the midfielder, because Wilk, his natural substitute, isn’t fit to play.

He also confirmed that Diego Seoane will be a starter, while Luisinho will keep playing on the left wing. About signings, El Profesor confirmed that the club is moving, though without giving more clues. Finally, Vázquez believes that Depor need to improve two things during the second round: avoid the draws and improve at the Riazor. The following is a resume of the things said by the coach:

“There are recent antecedents in which the competition committee gave the reason to the player, after watching the action of Álex clearly it didn’t deserve the yellow card, so we’ve the hope he’ll be able to play against Las Palmas.  If not then Houston we have a problem [he laughed].”

“Let’s say that Wilk could be in for thirty minutes. Neither is appropriate at the beginning of the game and the best is to do it at the end of the match. We’ll have to search for other solutions. Right now I am hoping that Álex can play.”

“Marchena played there before [in Copa Vs. Jaén], but it was almost his first game and was almost like a training match and in order to run, because to be at midfield is a fact that makes you run more compared to a training session, but Marchena is tired for been playing on that position. He’s there, it’s an option, but we must analyze the possibilities. We need to study how the team can be stronger.”

“Laure is falling, Luisinho returns… it’s the work of the coach. What happens is that the position of Álex is specific. We have Wilk, but he isn’t available, so the possibilities of the team are a little uncertain. Possibly I would repeat a past team on this weekend, it’s the moment for Seoane at the right-back position. That’s pretty clear to me. Luisinho, up to today, will keep playing at midfield and Seoane will enter to perform at the right side.”

“This game is different as they think they have to win, but we also have to win. This is a good chance to hit a direct rival and leave it far from us. We have spent a month without winning and clearly it’s a stat that we need to break. It’s frustrating to add draws at Segunda División, you cannot achieve the promotion with draws. You need to win, it is clear.”

“We’ll welcome him with joy, evidently, both the players and the fans. I imagine it’s a special moment for Valerón, but also it is for me, the fans and the city of A Coruña. It’s a lad that gave an incredible performance and we must welcome him as he deserves. I hope for a warm welcome on Sunday, later to enjoy and win the game. We must demonstrate our admiration for Valerón.”

“We are working on that. We are busy. There are possibilities to make things now, even on this week, perhaps tomorrow of the day after. It depends. But we are on that, there’s something, off course. If we can sign two or three, it depends on the quality. There’s a certain amount we can spend, so we’ll make decisions according to the names coming out. It’s like that.”

“You all know those options; they are printed on the papers. It’s like that, but for now we haven’t decided on the position of the striker. “

“Part of the unpaid wages was already paid, both to the players and the employees. I already said that it was a transitory thing and the money is already flowing out. They paid one month and the other one will be paid on next week. The employees already cashed their money and therefore the situation is more tranquil in that sense.”

“Clearly it was something talked inside the team and clearly when a team is busy thinking of this issue then they don’t train in the same way. The concentration isn’t the same, though this is a difficult thing to analyze. I always say no, but it’s an issue inside the head of the footballers. The behavior of the team has been sensational and all are eager to clinch the goal, though to spend some months without getting paid can affect you. Today they are more calm and content.”

“It’s important that, if we can’t score the goal, then at least we are drawing, without counting the defeat in Eibar. We need to improve and I’m optimistic as I believe the team will be able to compete, so the chances of clinching the victory will be close to us.”

“It’s difficult to make comparisons with past years; there’s people thinking the league has lowered its level. It’s possible as 30 players left to join Primera División, but the equality is big, don’t know how much compared to previous years. I don’t know how long this situation will continue and the equality is a benefit for us, it’s an advantage as we are drawing our games, but are keeping the advantage.”

“What’s happening  right now is something we already said: Mallorca will be in the fight, Zaragoza will be in the fight and so on. Las Palmas will be there too. The depth and weight of a squad end imposing in this league, so every team will be occupying their place.  Yes, we had the chance to take an advantage of one kilometer in this marathon of la liga and we didn’t clinch it, so we can regret, but we still have options, just like anybody else. I was expecting to compete against Hércules, but right now I don’t know against who we will compete. For now I just want to focus on my team and go game by game, step by step and see where we can end up. Now things can change in the second round and some teams will end up accepting that their fight isn’t the promotion, but to avoid demotion, so they don’t play in the same way.”

“You are forced to attack more and that’s where we have a little problem, let’s see if with the people arriving in January we can improve this aspect, because we need to search for the rival, and the rivals might think that if Deportivo don’t come searching for us then I won’t do it too and the best thing is a goalless draw. We need to be more reliable at home, it’s what we are missing in order to have an advantage. If we can win the home games then, evidently, we’ll get promoted.”



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