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21 Jan 2014
The first two reinforcements during the winter window were presented today, both sign until the end of the season, though striker Toché has an option to extend the deal for one more year. Lendoiro didn’t promise a third signing.

On Monday, Deportivo presented the two reinforcements for the winter window: striker José Verdú Nicolás ‘Toché’ and left winger Diogo Salomão (25). The first team needs offensive players and these are the last two signings to be made during Lendoiro’s reign.

The arrivals are possible thanks to the departure of Juan Culio, the operation for the Argentine man was valued in €530,000 and this money is used to afford the incorporations. Toché is signing as a free-agent after canceling his deal with Panathinaikos FC. The contract is lasting until June, but the striker has the option to extend the deal for an additional year if the club clinches the promotion to Primera División.

Meanwhile, Salomão arrives to Depor for the third time and again it’s a loan spell negotiated with Portuguese club Sporting CP. The deal last until June. Both players completed the medicals on Monday and were presented at noon at the Riazor.  The winger will wear the number 17 and the striker the number 18.

Lendoiro, in one of his last acts as the president, only talked briefly of both men, “We have the satisfaction to present Toché and witness the return of Salomão, who has become a habitual player on here, almost like the Christmas’ nougat, because he returns each year and we expect he could the same for the coming years.”

Toché was the first one that addressed the media, “I sign for six months with the option of one more year. I come here hopeful after a moved year that meant to rescind with Panathinaikos. I believe I have guessed right with this move and I’m having the pretty goal of the promotion. Clearly our goal is the promotion.” He confirmed that there were contacts with Depor since June of 2013, “There were a lot of calls and offers since the past summer, but until three weeks ago I wasn’t free and couldn’t decide anything. Of all the offers that I had this was the best.”

The striker clarified that he isn’t fit to play as he has been training apart for months, “I have been sidelined for months and believe that I am not ready, but the coach will decide. If I have to travel with the team I will do it, but perhaps it’s too soon to debut on this weekend. I don’t know how I am until training with the rest of the team.”

Later Salomão talked to reporters and said that’s happy to return to A Coruña, “I love the club and I’m enchanted to be here; I decided to return as I love the city. I see this as a great opportunity.” In his case the winger affirmed that he’s fit to play, “I am in perfect conditions. I am 100% ready to play. I missed many games on last season due to the groin injury, but right now I am perfectly good.”

Toché and Salomão with Lendoiro

The money collected with Culio is enough to make three signings during the winter window, Depor already made two and it was rumored that Lendoiro was going to announce a third arrival during the presentation of Toché and Salomão. In the end the president didn’t promise anything during his last days at the job. Fernando Vázquez said on Saturday that he will be happy with three signings, though a fourth will be highly welcome. In any case, a fourth signing will need to extend the salary cap or instead to release a player.

“You know that we will be working until the last day, but it isn’t easy. It will be fool to say that we will make a new signing, you depend of the administrators too and it isn’t easy. In any case we will try to do it. We have enough resources to bring a quality player, but we’ll see.” Lendoiro said regarding the issue.

Lendoiro was more worried of the financial situation at the club. On Monday, he was planning to present the sealed deal with the banks as one of his last achievements before leaving, but it was obstructed by the Bankruptcy Administration (BA). Apparently the administrators won’t sign this deal until the judge gives the okay to the agreements made during last week’s creditors meeting.

About the issue Lendoiro said that, “We have reached an agreement with the banks, but the administrators are denying their sign. It’s sad, because solving this issue then the only thing left was to reach an agreement with the Treasury. This agreement with the banks included a sponsorship deal to pay part of the debt. This is the news of the day and we regret it, surely the agreement must be made in the coming days. They’re denying the sign as they are supporting the Treasury. They argue that they don’t have to accept the deal as there isn’t a final resolution about the appeal of the Treasury regarding the creditors meeting. It’s a whim of the administrators.”




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