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01 Sep 2006
Trist??n, Scaloni and 'Toro' Acu?a have ended their cycle with Deportivo. And it wasn't a happy situation for everybody. The Sevillan striker and the Argentinean midfielder even ended their career in Depor yelling in a discussion with president Lendoiro. Their departure marks the end of a positive period in the club, and also the beginning of a new era.

So far, the only confirmed departure is Roberto Acu?a. The Paraguayan midfielder signed the cancellation of his contract on Thursday. There was some confusion since Acu?a found out that the amounts in the contract were different to the ones previously negotiated with Lendoiro, but everything got resolved.

Acu?a is probably one of the most bizarre cases in the recent history of Deportivo and the main disaster in Lendoiro's era. He was transferred from Zaragoza in 2002 and Depor paid €11 million for him (a fortune if this amount is compared with the €9 million spent in 14 signings for the season 2006/2007), but he never counted for coaches Irureta and Caparr??s. At the end, the Paraguayan only played 14 games in la liga wearing Depor's shirt. At this point, Acu?a doesn't know if he will ends his career, for the moment he will dedicate his time to his family.

The other two cases are more sad and complicated. Diego Trist??n and Lionel Scaloni were important pieces in the squad during the last years, but they were ignored for the conformation of 'Babydepor'. The club tried to sell them, but both players put obstacles to their exit. Lendoiro even tried to negotiate the cancellation of their contracts during the last minutes of the summer market, but everything ended in a big fight in plaza de Pontevedra, the media in Spain reported that Trist??n and Scaloni ended the negotiations shouting to Lendoiro.

Recent reports are confirming that the cancellation of the contracts have been made, but the club hasn't confirmed this yet. But it is confirmed that both players won't participate with Deportivo during the new season, and probably they won't play for Depor anymore. Trist??n even menaced to take his case to the Spanish Players Association (AFE). It was also informed that both men still have the chance to join a new squad for the season 2006/2007, but they must break any link with Depor first, that's because FIFA allows clubs to hire an unemployed player at any time of a regular season.

Trist??n arrived in the year 2000 from Mallorca. Lendoiro paid the impressive amount of €17,8 million for him, the club won la liga one year before, and the Sevillan was the main bet of the club for the year of the debut in Champions League. And the investment proved to be a success. Diego scored 19 goals in his first liga season and one year later, he won the pichichi trophy in Spain (21 goals). His name became very well known in Europe thanks to Depor's participation in the Champions League.

But he lost the glamour in the recent years, a complicated injury during the 2002 World Cup relegated him to the bench, and the fans became desperate with his scoring record and especially with his behavior outside the pitch. Coach Irureta supported him in every possible occasion and the same happened with the arrival of Caparr??s. But everything changed for this season, the club wanted a 'facelift' and Diego wasn't part of the plans. At least he goes out with a mark that explains the importance that he had in the club: Trist??n is the maximum scorer in the history of the club with 111 goals (78 in liga, 15 in Champions League, 1 in Interoto, 16 in copa del rey and 1 in the Spanish Supercopa).

Meanwhile, Lionel Scaloni arrived in 1997. Depor paid €2.6 million for his services, and the Argentinean proved also to be a good investment. He performed as right back, right winger and even as a pivote. He became the captain of the team for the season 2005/2006 and accumulated 200 liga games played with Depor's shirt. His charisma and will over the pitch were enough to win the confidence of the fans. Now Trist??n and Scaloni will try to find an agreement with Depor, and later they must decide what to do with their future. Although that they ended their time in Deportivo in a very sad situation, nobody could deny their importance in the history of the club.

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