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22 Jan 2014
Lendoiro said good-bye to all the fans through an open letter that was published at during the shareholders meeting. He thanked the fans and asked for apologies for the mistakes committed during his reign.

Augusto César Lendoiro is no longer the president of RC Deportivo. He said good-bye to the fans in an open letter that was published at He thanked for the support received during the 25 years that he spent commanding the Galician club. He also asked for apologies for the mistakes that lead to the current situation lived by the club. The following is a translation of the letter:

Dear fans of Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña,
After 25 years at the club, the moment of my departure from this Board of Directors has arrived. As we reported on December 24, we gave up making room for the change and we want to do it in the first place showing our deepest gratitude to all of you.

Thank you for placing your confidence in us, thank for have enjoyed the successes over these years, thanks  also for your support in difficult times, thanks, really, for being ‘deportivistas’  in capital letters.

Returning for a moment to the past, to all of you that on June 13, 1988 cheered and encouraged me, Augusto César Lendoiro, to start my way at the front of Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña, I give also a heartfelt salute, because I can assure you that, at that time, I began one of the most exciting facets of my life.

Over these 25 years there have been unforgettable moments. The five consecutive years in the Champions League or the unthinkable titles that were won are the best examples. But at the same time, we also had rough and tough situations, and I want to say that we, the ones that have formed this Governing Body, not even for a single day, not even a single second, have lost the hope to continue helping Deportivo La Coruña to become into a big club. Specifically, for a man like me, who has been for 50 years leading a football club, from my beginnings at Ural when I was a boy, I can guarantee you that even in the most difficult times I have always maintained the strength and confidence knowing how to overcome any setback.

Of course, in all these years in the presidency we have also made mistakes. We have never denied that there have been mistakes. And we apologize for them, but we assure you that everything was always done with the firm objective of seeing our Deportivo as high as possible. At some point we did it and that's something we're proud of.

Thank you very much.



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