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24 Jan 2014
The returns of Laure & Álex Bergantiños, plus the incorporation of Salomão, are giving more depth to Fernando Vázquez. At the same time Arizmendi and Manuel Pablo are missing the game due to injury reasons.

Diogo Salomão was picked for the game against Córdoba CF and is set to go directly into the starting eleven that will face Córdoba CF. The other winter signing, Toché, was left out of the game as the striker is lacking match fitness.

The presence of the Portuguese winger, together with the return of Álex Bergantiños and Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ after serving their suspension, are bringing more alternatives to build up the lineup for the game, this no matter that Manuel Pablo (thigh) and Javier Arizmendi (Sciatica) are missing the match due to injury reasons.

There are many questions regarding the possible lineup for the game, starting with the scheme that will be used. The 4-4-2 is one of the options, but since Toché wasn’t picked is unlikely that coach Fernando Vázquez will use this draw as he only has two central forwards. The other option is the 4-2-3-1. There are other two doubts regarding the lineup.

It has been commented that Salomão has big options to start performing at the left wing, which would delay the position of Luisinho, however during the week the coach tested another option, which is to play with Diego Seoane at the left-back position keeping Luisinho in the attacking half.

The right side seems pretty clear with Laure in defensive tasks and Antonio Núñez penetrating by the wings. The other big question for the game is located at midfield. Álex Bergantiños could be rejoining Juan Dominguez keeping Kaká and Pablo Insua at the centre of the defense.

But Fernando Vázquez could be tempted to return to the scheme saw at the beginning of the season delaying the position of Álex Bergantiños joining Insua at defense, which would open a slot for Cezary Wilk at midfield. The Polish, despite ben off for two months, showed a solid level during the 45 minutes that he played against UD Las Palmas.

These three questions may be answered on Friday afternoon as the team will train in Córdoba. Since Deportivo travel early in the morning to Andalusia the coach released the list of picked players since Thursday. There were only sixteen players available at the first team, so the coach picked two players from Fabril in order to fill up the gaps: Uxío Marcos and Paulo Teles.

Picked players for the game Vs. Córdoba CF:
Goalkeepers: German Lux & Fabricio
Defenders: Laure, Seoane, Luisinho, Pablo Insua, Kaká &, Uxío
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez, Juan Carlos, Teles, Wilk, Salomão & Antonio Núñez.
Attackers: Luis Fernández, Rudy & Borja Bastón



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