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28 Jan 2014
Depor’s keeper only suffered a knee sprain plus a bone contusion in the fibula; it’s expected that Lux will be off for four weeks. It’s not a minor injury, but definitely it isn’t as serious as it was feared at the beginning.

The injury of German Lux sustained during the game against Córdoba CF isn’t so serious as it was feared by many people. The first scans determined that it was only a knee sprain, and the latest scans confirmed the diagnosis with the novelty that he also suffered a bone contusion in the fibula.

A bone contusion is a deep bruise that affects a section of bone tissue. Most contusions result from direct injuries, such as falls or sudden impacts during sports. In this case the keeper suffered the damage when he landed on the field after jumping for the ball. Bone bruises are typically very painful and lingering symptoms may last for several months following injuries.

For this reason the club didn’t provide a calculation of the time the player will be off the pitch, but it should be between four and six weeks. He will need therapy and the evolution of the injury will determine when he can return to train.

Lux returning from Andalusia after the game against Córdoba CF

The injury could have been worse, in case of a fracture the keeper could have been sidelined for six months, so it means great news. The club was even thinking in going into the market in order to hire a new keeper. Fernando Vidal, the sporting manager of Tino Fernández, even told to the media that they were expecting for the scans in order to continue with the other negotiations.

Now that the club has an idea of the weeks the keeper will be off, the possibility of hiring a replacement has been ruled out. So, for now Fabricio will be the first keeper and the substitute will come out from the three goalies at Fabril: David Gómez (19), Rodrigo Iglesias ‘Rodri’ (19) and Felipe Ramos (26).



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