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31 Jan 2014
Between changes and replacements, coach Fernando Vázquez could end up making six movements compared to the team that defeated Córdoba CF. The injuries and the new signings are altering the balance of the equation.

Deportivo continues to be a team hit by the injuries, but what has changed is that the signings have finally arrived; now the depth is bigger and the coach has enough resources to prepare the lineups. So, despite having six injuries, coach Fernando Vázquez has enough choices to prepare the game against CE Sabadell CF.

Friday’s training will bring the final clues on the formation that will be used, but according to what was witnessed on Wednesday’s session it seems he will present a 4-2-3-1 figure. Lux is out injured, so Fabricio Agosto is set to continue defending the goal.

There should be at least one modification at defense, because Kaká left the club and as the last signing -Albert Lopo- has just landed in A Coruña and as Carlos Marchena remains out injured it’s highly probable that Álex Bergantiños would delay his position in order to perform alongside Pablo Insua at the centre of the defense.

Laureano Sanabria ´Laure´ should stay at the right, while the doubt is who will play on the left. Diego Seoane played there in the game against Córdoba CF and he could continue there, though it’s also probable that Luisinho would retreat his position.

The Portuguese has been performing as a left winger in recent games, but with the new signings arriving Vázquez might be tempted in sending him back to his natural position. Also, with Antonio Núñez injured the right wing could be for Ibrahim Sissoko, Diogo Salomão or even Javier Arizmendi, who is returning from an injury.

On Wednesday, Bryan Rabello was tested as the playmaker in the formation, but since the Chilean just landed at the club on this week it’s also possible that Juan Carlos Real or could perform there. Finally, Borja Bastón should be the central attacker, with Toché probably picked for the first time as Luis Fernández is out injured.

In resume, Vázquez is forced to at least make six modifications, either moving a player from his previous position or simply replacing a player with another one. The good news for Deportivo is that he has enough options to solve the equation.



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