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03 Feb 2014
The papers emphasized the importance of the winter signings for the victory in this match; the media also pointed out that Depor suffered a lot before a strong rival that was even playing with one less player.

Deporte Campeón: Transfusion works. Deportivo sweat to defeat Sabadell at the Riazor, but left with a good feeling. If in defense Vazquez’s men still being fully effective (except in set-pieces) it was expected for the contribution of the new players and, except in the case of Lopo, who was at the stands, the other players were welcomed by their new stadium as two were starters, while other two jumped into the grass as substitutes.

The winter transfers were very prominent in their first appearance at the field of the Riazor. They scored the goals and the attack was a monologue in their boots. Despite getting a 2-0 at the score, Sabadell shortened distances and forced the suffering at the Riazor within the last minutes of the game. The 'winter transfusion' has had the desired result. And now to face Murcia. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: The new faces lead Deportivo over Sabadell. Deportivo post-winter market, full of new faces, different positions, tactics and willing to be a protagonist with the ball, sweat the victory over Sabadell, carved in the opportunism of two of the signings (Salomão and Toché) but open to suffering within the final minutes of uncertainty, with a broken tactic due to the indecision of the result and the fragility of both teams with one less man. A counterattack of Toché seemed to sentence five minutes before the end, but the goal of Tanabe put the Riazor on hold. The victory, however, opens the path to the greater demand by Vazquez to certify the promotion: to not drop points from home.

Between the need for the absentees, and the wish to shine by the new arrivals, the team paved the road of improvement that Fernando Vazquez is self-imposing to take the lead at the Riazor, Deportivo stood before Sabadell with Bergantiños as a centre-back and Rabello and Salomão debuting. During more than a quarter of an hour, the Galician team seemed to have changed beyond the names on the lineup. The mobility of the Chilean in the playmaking function and their greater capacity to partner with Juan Dominguez, along with the depth provided by the Portuguese winger, brought fresh air to Depor. Also a greater weight in the game for Dominguez, omnipresent in the creation of game. The madness of the last minutes didn’t change the victory of a leader Deportivo, but subject to a working progress as it tries to assemble the new pieces of the gear that should take the club to Primera. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: The signings already win the games. Fernando Vazquez expects much of the five winter signings. He trusts that several of them could gain a spot as starters to improve what we already had, especially in midfield and attack. Yesterday, the coach opted to start with two newcomers: Bryan Rabello and Diogo Salomão, who had played in the final minutes of last weekend’s game in Córdoba. Two offensive novelties binging fresh air to the Blanquiazul attacking line, especially more dynamism and mobility, and ultimately became decisive. The Chilean causing the expulsion of Carlos Hernandez after the break and the Portuguese scoring the 1-0.

In the first round Depor played at the pace of Culio, with much more ball at the feet and elaborated attacks without much depth. Now, however, the team seems to want to dominate the ball possession in order to command and really hurt. Rabello only needed two minutes to demonstrate for the first time his verticality. He received the ball on the right wing and sewed the ball at his right foot to drive it into the danger zone. He missed the final pass, but the play served to show off his credentials as a talented and fast player. He occasionally abused, but in general sense he added things to the team, being the subject of numerous fouls. Almost all of them were taking by him, hitting the ball deftly with his right leg. Also from the corner he released good crosses. He tried to participate all he could and even tried to fire a couple of times, the clearest one shortly before the break. Just starting the second part he led to the second yellow of Hernández.

Salomão was also active in his reunion with the Riazor. He ran from the right with speed and also tried to surprise from the left, switching the position with Luisinho. With the Portuguese duo on the wings, plus Rabello in the playmaking role, Deportivo had more offensive variety, but lacked clarity in the final meters to create clear chances. The Portuguese signed his good performance with the first goal. Toché, other newcomer, collaborated on the final leg pushing the defensive and running for every ball. He had a clear chance and took it before the debut of Sissoko, who had time to give an assist that Luisinho took from Toché. Eugenio Cobas

La Opinión A Coruña: In the first half, Deportivo combined well from behind, trying to enter by the sides, with amplitude and changing the orientation . At the moment of losing the ball the team pressed with more people in the attacking half, gathering lines and also advancing their positions. The match was highly disputed at the centre, with few opportunities, few shots and without work for the goalkeepers. Depor didn’t know how to break Sabadell’s defensive system either searching for free spaces or with the passes.

In the second half, and with Sabadell outnumbered, Depor should have killed the game. Paradoxically, with one more player and the result in favour, it lived unnecessary troubles, losing control of the game, too much retreated, but also began to change the game from side to side, and in a counterattack it got the second goal. In Sabadell’s goal there was a lack of concentration and poor defensive intensity, returning to live problems after not defining the counterattack between Sissoko and Luisinho. I liked Sabadell.

With the new signings the offensive ability and effectiveness of this team will considerably improve. We still cannot take advantage of the set-pieces and allowed another goal from the side. I don’t like referees who show cards for breathing, the ones that cannot perceive when the players are trying to cheat them or not, and that, at the moment of making important decisions, are a wimp. Luis Rodriguez Vaz



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