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05 Feb 2014
Depor’s coach addressed the media on his mid-week press conference. He talked of some of the players at the team and also of the ones that left the club. He also reaffirmed the idea that Depor are candidates to promotion.

Coach Fernando Vázquez offered a press conference of Tuesday’s noon. He talked to reporters for twenty-one minutes. The Galician tactician explained his first impressions on the players that debuted on Saturday and also explained why Teles and Rudy left the club during the winter window. El Profesor didn’t hesitate to confirm that Depor should be a candidate to promotion and even to be considered as the favourites for the goal. The following is the translation of the main things said by Vázquez.

“I return to have three centre-backs at the team. Off course, the consequence is that Álex [Bergantiños] will go out of the position in order to be placed at midfield. It is like that.”

“The true is that I didn’t watch the images of Juan’s performance, it isn’t clear, but… I am not optimistic regarding his second yellow could be rescinded. It’s complicated they will rescinded you a yellow card, only a few clubs have that advantage. How could be that a player like Juan Dominguez cannot fulfill his duties due to a yellow card?  I always said that the only guilty ones are the clubs and not the competition committee, this for allowing this. We are losing a worker for a minimal thing. For nothing Juan Dominguez isn’t working on Sunday.”

“I am not talking of different rules for other clubs, but that they make a decision in one week and in the other it’s the opposite judging similar cases. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand this criterion.”

“I am monitoring how he is [Lopo]. I understand he’s coming after competing for a spot at Primera. He wasn’t playing too often in Getafe, but was in the list of picked players; therefore his state shouldn’t be bad. Now I need to confirm it. Now I have a line of three centre-backs that brings a lot of tactical possibilities.”

“His presence on Sunday will depend of what Carlos can tell me during the week. “

“He was feeling dizzy today, it was a stomach problem. Nothing important.”

“When did I say that we were interested about Movilla? I never said it.”

“When these lads [Javi Hervás & Marko Bakić] didn’t want to come I decided to stay like this. If you ask me why then I can tell you that it was intuition. Clearly Juan Dominguez is a player without a replacement, but I also consider that I have many solutions to fix that problem, as it will happen this Sunday. I also admit that if Hervás would have arrived then he would have been useful.”

“What people must know is that all the players that left did it because they wanted. I never told a player to leave. All of them wanted to go out. From Bruno Gama, Culio, Kaká to Rudy and Teles. All of them asked me to leave. What the club did was to seize these opportunities in order to improve the team. Rudy and Teles changed their minds during the last week. I talked to Rudy one week before about his performance and confidence, and he told me that he didn’t want to leave without succeeding. He will surely return, but we arrived to Córdoba and he didn’t play, so I guess he realized that he needed to make a step forward. I didn’t want to see Rudy leaving, because he played good in the first round games against Córdoba and Sabadell, but later he went out of the team and lost confidence, which led him to leave.”

“I never like to rush with comments. He was debuting and I believe he has more football of what he showed up the other day. It's hopeful. He’s young and wants to demonstrate things, so his essence will go out with the passing of the days.”

“Their performance is what we expected, perhaps the one in the better shape was Salomão, evidently, he’s fast and then Bryan [Rabello]. It’s also true that we were lucky, because Salomão scored, Bryan made an outstanding performance and Toché scored. We are having a hard year, but at the same time we are finding the way to solve the puzzle. Every piece is fitting, which isn’t normal, so we are lucky.”

 “I said before that I thought we have made good signings, but also lost important players in the way. It is clear… Bruno Gama, Culio, Kaká… they were important players, but were also wise with the signings. Still, other teams also made good signings.”

“He started well, but later lost effectiveness. His problem was never the lack of participation. He always wanted the ball, but he constantly lost it and it killed him a little. He needed more continuity. It was one of the reasons why I removed him from the team. It provoked a lack of continuity in offense, we weren’t super talented and it moved me to remove him from the team. I was still hoping to see him offering a better performance.”

“I always considered that Deportivo were the favourites. I always said the goal was the promotion. Now I thing we have a good team, we won’t achieve it just by saying it, now we must go out and demonstrate that we are a compact team, tough to beat, especially playing away from home, and if we keep that, plus improving in offense, then the possibilities of winning are going to be higher. We are clear aspirants to promotion.”

 "He was impressive. He was sensational, attentive, daring and strong. I'm very happy. I already knew what we had; evidently he is a player of Primera División.”

“I believe he’s a player that will help us out. He is a quality lad, but what I think is something that they already knew when he was signed, so I believe there’s something there that’s stopping his evolution as a player, let’s see if we can find that spark. He’s going to be fit to play and let’s hope there will be time to show his skills. I realize that he feels a little frustrated after been around there and I hope to motivate him. Last Sunday I sent the message that he can be there if he works hard.”

“Possibly they will be fit to play for Sunday, but it’s too risky. Knowing the situation that we will have ahead of making the list for the trip I prefer to not risk too much. Núñez is crazy to return to train with the team, but currently he has been stopped by the doctors and physiotherapists.”

“Since now he will be making all the tasks that aren’t too complex. I mean the facts that don’t mean to practice football. He’s ready to join the group. In one week he will be ready to do everything.”

“Evidently the standings are stretching out when you win a game, but you remain only two games above the others. So, the situation remains complex. A lot still ahead. The good thing is that we broke this nefarious month and the situation is calmed within the team.”

“Watching their statistics you will realize that they always scored a goal at home. Thinking of us, and since we also score away from home, it seems we could end up drawing, but we hope to clinch the clean sheet. But it’s a tough rival. They have many draws, but it’s difficult to defeat them.”

“It’s a serious problem, especially during the corner-kicks. We are thinking in changing the defensive system during these situations. I don’t know if it will be ready for the game against Murcia, but it’s probable. We will try it the other way, because things aren’t working out. It’s more to make the marks according to the zone. We will train it and let’s see if it works out. It’s a shabby bleeding.”



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