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07 Feb 2014
Cezary Wilk offered an interview to journalist Xurxo Fernández from La Voz de Galicia. The Polish midfielder is still having problems to talk in Spanish and explained his feelings after the first months in Spain.

Q: Everything points out that Bergantiños will be your partner in Murcia. How do you feel at his side?
A: Very well. I think Alex and I, although we aren’t equal, are very similar, but it’s good to use two defensive midfielders playing away from home and against a strong opponent as Murcia.

Q: After his suspension, Juan Dominguez is likely to be placed again at midfield. Would it be hard to go back now to the bench?
A:This is football. In our team we have 24 players and everyone wants to play. Of course it won’t be easy if I have to return to the bench. I do everything I can to be in the team, but so do all my team mates.

Q: Before arriving to Depor you had only played in Poland. Is the difference very large?
A: Here all the teams are seeking the ball possession. All of them want it. The ball is the most important thing. Have the ball, keep it, pass it... Back there everything is strength and running. It is a very physical game.

Does it affects your game?
A: In my game, these differences aren’t so obvious. Worldwide there is the figure of the defensive midfielder. All teams have one. Here the news is that in addition to recovering the ball they ask me to have it, to play with it forward, and I'm used to see all of my passes going backwards. That's what I'm working more.

Q: What style do you prefer?
A: I think that if you can choose, any player will tell you that he prefers to search the opposite goal, to move forward instead of defending. I remember once I played with the U-21 squad against Spain with Piqué, Bojan... And we had no chance. I think that the possession was 80% in your favor. For me to play against them was a dream. And here I am now, with Deportivo near Primera and with the possibility to coincide with them on the field.

Q: You were a regular at the youth teams in your country and played twice with the senior team. Why did they stop calling you?
A: It's a good question. I have no idea. I think if I get a starting role at Depor, and transform myself into an important player for the team, then the coach will call me again. But now the most important thing for me is the club that I represent, the rest will come later.

Q: Why did you choose Depor?
A: I was fine in Poland, but looking at Spain. Here people live for football. People are always encouraging, smiling. It's a great place to play. Everything that happens here around football is good for the player.

Q: In addition, you met very loyal supporters.
A: It’s great to feel this atmosphere during the game. We play for our fans and they respond. Here I've also noticed differences: in Poland people prepare shows for the match, in Spain what matters to people is football. That's why they go to the field: to watch football. I love that.

Q: And to cheer, right?
A: Sure! Do not misunderstand me: of course it’s a privilege to have this crowd. They follow us wherever we go to play, it doesn’t matter the distance. And at home they support no matter what. Well, almost always (he laughs). They are amazing.

Q: And besides to train and play, what do you do on here?
A: In English there’s a perfect word for what I do in A Coruña: enjoy. How do you say it in Spanish?

Q: Disfrutar
A: Yes, disfrutar. It’s what I do on here all the time: enjoy life. It’s more tranquil, happier. I’ve time for everything, people smile…

Q: Come on, you are going to retire here.
A: I don’t think long term. Never. Football does not work like that. Only of the next game. If I feel good here? One hundred percent. First I want to get promoted to Primera with Depor and hopefully I will be able to play there.

Q: Signing for Depor was almost an odyssey. Why did they give you so many problems?
A: I broke my contract because my team spent too many time without paying me. It was a little difficult for some time. Then, here were spent a month without being paid, but for me that was nothing. Over there I knew what was to have problems.

Q: Were you expecting this?
A: When I was coming I heard the club had some financial problems. But now I know I chose well. We are on the right track.

Q: The injury hit you at your finest hour? Do you fear in losing the spot?
A: The most important thing for me was to return to the best level and at Deportivo we are lucky to have a great injury rehabilitation coach. When I returned I knew that was at one hundred percent. Ready to play.

Q: And with the new teammates. Do you like the change?
A: Before there was a player who created all the game of the team: Culio. And then Juan Dominguez. That was all. Now, to create is a thing of many.

Q: Vázquez has requested changes in your game. What’s your relationship with the coach?
A: I don’t really like talking about the coach. He's the boss. Here and at any other team. I can say that I love the trainings we do, the ball is the protagonist. I feel like we are one big family on here. The coach is at the highest level, but later he likes to be next to the player. Then we go to the players. My Spanish is still not good and that makes difficult my relation with them, but they are always aware of me.

Q: When will you offer a press conference?
A: [he laughs] my teacher tells me that I’m ready for the press room. I believe I am not ready.



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