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08 Feb 2014
As it could be expected the arrival of the new president has dragged some important changes at RC Deportivo, though it’s also true that the depth of these changes are still to be seen as only a few weeks have passed after the elections.

Constantino ‘Tino’ Fernández has only been for two weeks in the chair of the presidency at Deportivo La Coruña and the changes are already noticeable. The main one is his style: much more participative and with a clear delegation of the power.

And it’s that, contrary to what Augusto César Lendoiro did in the previous 25 years, the presence of Fernando Vidal (sporting advisor) is more noticeable, either at the media –five radio Interviews in a matter of two weeks- or during the acts like the players’ presentations. During the era with Lendoiro the advisors were rarely seen alongside Lendoiro, just for the shareholders meeting or some special occasions.

So, it isn’t an accident to realize that the first picture that the club released after the arrival of the president was a photo of the whole board of directors having a meeting with the club’s administrator, without forgetting the technological touch with the iPods and iPhones surrounding them.It is the impression that the new board of directors want to transmit: unity, delegation and teamwork.

Since that point it’s too soon to determine the depth of changes that Tino Fernández will implement. One of the biggest expectations is what will happen to the academy, because the new president and his advisors have been talking of major changes starting in the summer.

There are also some specific facts that have meant important changes compared to the era with Lendoiro. Starting with the removal of the vetoes over the media. Newspaper La Voz de Galicia is now allowed to attend to the Riazor and the press conferences. Tino Fernández said before the elections that all the vetoes were going to be removed and he fulfilled his words.

One of the most positive news is that the club seems now more open to talk to the institutions in Galicia, in this sense during the week it was announced that Fernández will have in the coming week meetings with the major of the city and the deputation, something that with Lendoiro was practically inexistent (the last time it happened was in 2012).

Another change that has been noticed in the approach with the veterans; for a couple of years the former players of Deportivo have been playing by their own in the indoor league, now they have the full support of the club, which means the possibility of sponsorship and to get proper kits. Another possible change is to see the club returning to have a female team, though in this case it will depend on the money, a possibility that can take place for the season 2015/16.



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