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13 Feb 2014
Depor’s coach offered a press conference on Wednesday. He’s aware of the importance of the match against Sporting, though for him it won’t be determinant. He also talked of the problems to defend the set-pieces.

The midweek press conference of Fernando Vázquez lasted twelve minutes. He’s aware of the meaning of the match against Sporting Gijón, though he hasn’t decided yet the lineup or if Álex Bergantiños and Wilk will play. El Profesor also talked of the endless problems at the moment of defending the set-pieces and praised the season of SD Eibar, the current leader in the league. The following is the translation of the main things said by the coach.

“It’s a big joy. We almost have everybody available, even Álvaro Lemos. I’m glad for him as it was a big hit to get injured back in August. Possible it’s the first game in which I will have to prune something, because until now I had the men that I had and sometimes it wasn’t enough. I only remember a few games in which I had to leave some players out, now it’s possible that for Sunday it will be the first time on the season. It’s a unique situation in this regard.”

“They are prepared. They are coming from small injuries and let’s see how the players evolve, but there’s no problem in a physical sense.”

“It’s a very important game, but not determinant, because if the standings will be a matter of three teams then it could be determinant, but watching how things are at Segunda División then the result loses importance. We can win or Sporting can win, but later we lose and end up in a very equal situation, so a single result isn’t determinant. The equality brings more tranquility to Deportivo and to all the teams.”

“These two clubs have history at Primera División and evidently the fans are great. It will bring an environment of a derby to this game and we cannot deny the importance of it. It’s clear.”

“We will train it on this week. During the weekend, if nothing strange happens, the normal thing would be to see us defending in a different way, because when something isn’t working then you need to change it. This isn’t working and we will change it. Until now part of the team was defending the set-pieces marking by zones and the other with individual marks, now the normal thing is to mark by zones, which will allow us to dominate the space. The goal is to block any possible shooter.”

“It calls the attention our number of goals in set-pieces, but if we look across Segunda División you will realize that they also suffer with this. What happens is that you look at Depor and its freighting to see that the 75% of our goals have been allowed in set-pieces. So, the percentage is big. If we can avoid this then… God! It can be an obsession and it can bring stress into the team.”

“I’m trying to see all the players training at the top. Núñez is an important player when the rival gives you enough room to play, the other day the rival was locked at the back and in this sense, when you have little room to play, then a more skillful player is able to make more damage. That’s the tactical reason why I chose to play with Sissoko and not with Núñez.”

"Sissoko remains to be in a poor form. He has lost some weight, but it isn’t only a matter of the weight. That’s an objective fact and any player could be in acceptable form despite being overweight. His problem is that in a tactical and mental sense he isn’t on shape. He's far from his best form."

“They were too hurried within the last minutes of the last game. When I decided to play with Lopo as a third centre-back then Luisinho and Sissoko were playing on the wings. The team changed the pace, but remained dark and we didn’t make any damage. The new signings were looking too hurried and we need more pause. The teams that are considered to be big enough are those who are able to change the speed. I’m still waiting for them. I’ve calm and am expecting that soon they will be used to the team. Later we’ll judge if they should go out of not of the starting team.”

“He has been a starter since I’m here. I believe that only in one game he didn’t play as a starter, so you should already know me by this. Juan Dominguez is an important player for Deportivo.”

“I believe Sporting have a determinant couple in attack. It’s something that marks the difference and brings a competitive advantage. Besides, they are bringing out some lads from the academy, something that makes them identify with the fans.”

“I haven’t decided yet if they will play together again. I am on this now. Today’s Wednesday and a lot of times remains before the game.”

“It isn’t the first time they are up there, neither the second time. Last time I was at Segunda División, in 2005, they were also up there fighting against the best, so it’s a relative surprise. Still, it is something to be praised as this is a team from a small city that’s getting very good results. They have good players, many of them are unknown, but belong to Primera División.”



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