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13 Feb 2014
13 of the 18 goals allowed by Deportivo on this season have been conceded in set-pieces. The bleeding has cost 19 points and it’s menacing to ruin the promotion campaign. The worst part is coming at the moment of defending the corners.

Despite being praised due to the low number of goals allowed on the season, 18 –the lowest at Segunda División- Depor’s defensive sector is under fire for the softness at the moment of defending the set-pieces. And it’s that 13 of the 18 goals that have been leaked in the Segunda tournament (72%) were suffered in set-pieces.

Last Sunday, Depor lost the leadership at Liga Adelante after allowing a goal by Real Murcia in a corner-kick, one week before CE Sabadell also scored a goal at the Riazor during a corner-kick action, though in that opportunity the Galician outfit was able to clinch the victory.

Still, both goals revived the issue. It has been a controversial week, because last Tuesday the coach admitted that he was going to study the way the team defends the corner-kicks. He said that, "It’s a serious problem, especially during the corner-kicks. We are thinking in changing the defensive system during these situations. I don’t know if it will be ready for the game against Murcia, but it’s probable. We will try it the other way, because things aren’t working out. It’s more to make the marks according to the zone. We will train it and let’s see if it works out. It’s a shabby bleeding.”

However, by Saturday the problem wasn’t solved yet, as Vázquez said during the press conference before the match, “We will talk with the players before the game. We’ve dissenting opinions inside the changing room and let’s see what the final decision is. Watching up again the goals that we have allowed in set-pieces it turns out that the problem is when we defend these actions marking by zones, it isn’t a problem of personal marks, so it made me think about it. We must say that the debate remains open.”

In the end Depor allowed a goal in the corner-kick and the defenders once again seemed disoriented. Before the goals in corner-kicks against CE Sabadell CF and Real Murcia there were other four goals that were allowed in the same kind of plays: 1-1 Vs. Real Zaragoza (matchday 10), 0-2 at CD Tenerife (matchday 11), 1-3 Vs. RCD Mallorca (matchday 14) and 3-3 Vs. CD Numancia (matchday 19).

Another kind of set-pieces that have been painful is the free-kicks. Depor allowed four goals in these kinds of actions, two in the 3-3 draw Vs. CD Numancia (matchday 19). The other two goals in free-kick plays took place during the home defeats before Córdoba CF (matchday 02) and Real Murcia (matchday 04). Also, there were three penalty-kicks distributed in three matches: 0-2 at Sporting Gijón (matchday 05), 2-1 Vs. Deportivo Alavés (matchday 17) and 1-2 Vs. UD Las Palmas (matchday 22).

Totally, the 13 goals in set-pieces had cost 19 points to Deportivo. It’s an unaffordable luxury taking in mind the current tight situation in the league. On Monday, defender Laure even admitted that this situation is already “shameful.” It needs a problem that need to be fixed as soon as possible and that’s menacing the promotion campaign to Primera.



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