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15 Feb 2014
Twenty-players available plus Marc Martinez. Fernando Vázquez has multiple choices for one of the biggest games on the season. Three main question marks regarding the lineup, including the formation: 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1.

The game against Sporting Gijón promises to be exciting and should impulse the winner in the race for promotion. And one of the biggest matches of the Segunda tournament arrives just when coach Fernando Vázquez is regaining resources to prepare the lineup; actually never before on the season he had twenty-one players available: 20 from the first team plus Marc Martinez from Fabril.

So, the coach practically has two players per position. There are three questions to solve before predicting a lineup for the game: the positions of Luisinho and Salomão, the kind of formation that will be used and who will join Juan Dominguez at midfield.

First to all, the defense seems settled. Depor’s coach has said that he’s open to play with a system with three-centre backs, something he did for some minutes against Real Murcia, and it opens a spot for Albert Lopo, but this doesn’t seems to be the right game for it, so Pablo Insua and Carlos Marchena should continue playing “alone” while Laure should continue performing on the right side.

The first question that emerges is who will play on the left side of the defense. Luisinho has performed as a winger within his seven last appearances and there’s always the choice to see him delaying his position. The decision also depends on the position of Salomão, who has been the right winger since his return to Depor.

Both Portuguese players could end covering the whole left sector of the pitch, which will open a gap for Antonio Núñez on the right. During the week Vázquez explained that Núñez is the perfect player to perform when the rival gives plenty of room on the field, precisely what’s expected from Sporting. If in the end Luisinho performs on the left wing, then the defensive position will be disputed between Diego Seoane and Manuel Pablo.

A second question in the formation to be used for the game. Fernando Vázquez is well-known for playing with a 4-4-2. But at Deportivo he has preferred the 4-2-3-1 as last season he gave an important role to Valerón and since on this season he didn’t have enough strikers for been playing with two men up front. On this Segunda campaign only once he played with two strikers at the starting eleven (matchday 17, 2-0 Vs. Alavés).

Now, with the return of Luis Fernández, for the first time on the season he has four men for the position, which means that he can perfectly switch into a 4-4-2. If this turns to be the formation for the game then Luis and Borja Bastón are the favourites to start, with Toché and Javier Arizmendi staying on the bench.

However the coach is also tempted to continue playing with a 4-2-3-1 in order to seize the presence of Bryan Rabello. The Chilean has been the playmaker in the last two games and Vázquez seems to be satisfied with his performance.

The third and final question is who will join Juan Dominguez at midfield. The Galician is returning from suspension and leaves Vázquez with the hard decision to choose between Cezary Wilk and Álex Bergantiños, two players with similar characteristics.  Definitely enough choices to prepare the lineup; actually three players from the first team will have to be ruled out of the meeting.



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