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20 Feb 2014
Depor’s coach listed the situation at midweek prior to the visit to AD Alcorcón. He praised the work of Borja Bastón despite the missed penalty. He also believes that Depor are missing calm when the team plays at the Riazor.

Fernando Vázquez offered his midweek press conference on Wednesday. Her talked for twenty minutes with reporters and analyzed the state of several players, the situation with the set-pieces and other issues affecting Deportivo. He also announced that Álvaro Lemos is about to receive the medical okay to play. The following is a resume of the main issues talked by the Galician coach.

“I’m happy as we are regaining people. It was worrying the cases of Salomão and Luisinho, but they trained today for the full session, therefore everything is perfect, though we must be cautious. “

“Probably on next week he will be able to train at the goal. He’s close to be ready.”

“He will need to play games. I believe that on this or next week he will receive the medical okay.  And since this point he will train with me and later will surely play games with the B squad. Let’s see how he evolves.”

“We were fortunate as the equalizer came in the stoppage time. It was a game we already had lost, so it tastes like a victory. It’s a victory that worth a point. The team is feeling encouraged to continue.”

“He’s closer to reach his natural form. Evidently he needs to play games to reach it, but I would say that I’m thinking of it. I’m starting to doubt. That’s the situation. He’s there. He’s an option that’s there for the starting eleven.”

“It was an important situation for him. He couldn’t score the penalty and couldn’t score a goal. I replaced him and to this state you need to add the disapproval by the public. It affects a lad at his age. If the public would judge the performance of Borja in an individual sense, clearly he missed aim and goal, but worked in an extraordinary way and for me this is the important thing.”

“But well, I said it before: Borja is a lad in a formation process. Evidently things like this will happen to him and will have to learn from them. It should help him to grow up and mature. Also to improve. Luis should have taken the penalty, but Borja assumed the responsibility and its fine with me. He assumed the responsibility and I accept it.”

“Sissoko is improving each day. Neither is so difficult. He’s losing weight and improving his form. We are starting to see what he has, which I know is there. He must continue training harder than the rest. Now there’s a handicap as he was picked by Ivory Coast for March 5. He would have to travel on February 27 and need to see what will happen. It will affect his preparation.”

“Clearly this draw could have continuity. If I did this it was because I like this kind of solution, also because I’ve now players that are important in attack. I like it and could be repeated in several opportunities. It neither means that Luisinho won’t play as a winger, but let’s say it would be the normal thing.”

“I’m not worried for losing the ball possession, what worries me is to lose control. I don’t like to see the rival running with freedom towards my goal; it happens a lot on last game. Three or four times I had the feeling that Sporting was going to score the second goal, and a second goal would have killed the game. I don’t care if we don’t dominate, but clearly it cannot drives us to lose control of the game and to see the rival having more freedom to score a goal against us. It cannot happen.”

“I believe it’s a general feeling. If you have noticed it looks like we are in a hurry when we play at the Riazor. It’s a general feeling with all the players, not only with Bryan. What happens is that some players transmit this feeling due to their characteristics. What happens is that the team is missing calm at the Riazor. It’s clear. The team is missing control and I believe we’re missing calm, which is needed in order to have a better control.”

“I believe the second. Evidently the circumstances will force us to win games and therefore to dominate. The second round is different to the first. In the first you want to demonstrated what you can be. The teams play and the result isn’t so important; starting now there are teams that are happy with drawing and with not losing. We are forced to win, because if not then you lose the track at the standings.”

“So, we are forced to dominate though we play better in the counterattack, and this situation is not only for Depor, but also to the other teams at Primera and Segunda. I believe we all are more ready to counterattack rather than to have the ball possession and attack. It’s easier to complete a counterattack than to make an attack based in the position. I believe we are going to improve. We have to look how the other teams behave. We must remain calm and see what others do.”

“Well, a coach that was successful at this team is returning and this fact always brings confidence. He’s a tactical and intense coach. It was a tough rival, and now it’s more complicated as they earned confidence and secureness with this change. We’ll have in front a team that knows what they are doing, and this is always difficult.”

“It was other times. Bordalás wasn’t there. There was another coach. It was a great Deportivo and it was an important defeat. We hope it won’t happen again [he laughed] we are conscious this is a good team and that the pitch is hostile as you feel uncomfortable player there. The players are aware of it.”

“It happened to us again, just like at Murcia. There was a movement of players that allowed the goal from the penalty spot. It’s a lack of responsibility, a lack of concentration after the ball was moved. We will keep training it. The important thing is the intensity of the players in every play. You also need talent to know how to defend the set-pieces. Everything can be improved, but you won’t reach an extraordinary level. We still defending the same.”

“I also want to say that, if you look to the goals allowed in corner-kicks at the teams among the first and fifth place, you will realize that all of them have allowed five or seven. Everybody has allowed goals in set-pieces, what happens is that our percentage is exaggerated. The teams at the top have the same number of goals allowed in set-pieces, what happens is that the percentage is different. For them is 40% and for us 65%”.



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