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20 Feb 2014
Deportivo’s president had a meeting with the press in a Coruña and explained the ongoing negotiations with the Spanish Treasury. He also revealed that at least 4,000 socios aren’t watching Depor’s games at the Riazor.

On Tuesday, Tino Fernández talked to reporters during a breakfast organized by the press association in A Coruña. He talked of his experiences after one month as Depor’s president and also of the current negotiations to finalize the administration process.

He’s convinced that the situation with the Spanish Treasury can be fixed, “I believe that the treasury believes in me and also in what I promise we will do. That’s why I want a plan that can be fulfilled. Surely we can get an agreement with the treasury, though the fine print of the contract is important; we also need a global agreement that includes the banks.”

In past months it was feared that the Tax Agency was going to re-start the embargoes against the club, however the president now thinks that it won’t happen, “Now the relation with The Treasury is good, it’s what has changed. There’s a general criterion that will be applied to us, but I’m convinced there won’t be an exemplary sanction against Deportivo and I’m sure there will an agreement, and the true is that we are trying to find a solution.”

“Right now we are negotiating the terms regarding the number of years, and also the facilities to pay with the team competing at Segunda. The Tax Agency won’t wait for us eternally, so we need to get the promotion, because if we spent eight years at Segunda then it’s going to be really complicated. If we don’t spend more time at Segunda, then it’s great, because we would end paying the debt before the deadline.“ He added.

Fernández also explained the short-term financial situation of the club, “There’s viability- We can reach without major problems the date of June 30. But if the question is if there’s enough money in the cashbox to reach June 30, then the answer is no, but we still have to collect some pending payments.”

As he’s fulfilling one month in the job, the new president told what surprises he found at office, “I still don’t know how the relegation assurance works. We also found out that some documentation of the club wasn’t in the headquarters. Neither there’s an index of the papers, but we all are in A Coruña and the relation is pretty good.”

A thing that called the attention is that, for the first time in years, the club revealed the exact attendance to the Riazor [26,532 on Sunday]. In this sense Depor’s boss is concern as he believes that more people should be watching the games, “There are four or five thousands socios that don’t go to the Riazor and we’ll try to find out why. We want a full Riazor, because it affects the performance of the team and the image of the club.”

He explained that no one was fired from the club and that the only departures were the previous board of directors and Lendoiro’s son (Playa Club and other business), “Right now there’s normality with the payment to the suppliers and employees. The only one that left is Augusto Junior. Deportivo need money, something easy to understand. We must collect what we are going to pay during the season and it’s a lot taking in mind what we have to pay in order to cover what we owe. In the world of football if there’s no money then there’s no artist. And the artists collect a lot.”

Finally, Tino Fernández said that one of his rules is the discipline at the moment of administrating the club’s resources, “The money is very important; it’s sacred as it’s the money of Deportivo. It cannot be that I’m eating with someone with the money of Deportivo. Stringency. We need it and it’s necessary. If not then we will be unable to collect the money to make the payments.”



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