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22 Feb 2014
Fernando Vázquez has introduced the triple pivote figure as a choice for the game. On this week the coach didn’t test a clear lineup for the game in Alcorcón, so the options are the 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1 and 5-4-1.

One more time coach Fernando Vázquez had plenty of choices to prepare the lineup for the game. Álvaro Lemos is the only casualty after German Lux received the medical okay to play during Friday's night, so the coach has twenty-one players available plus Marc Martinez.

For this reason he had to leave three players out of the list. And the men that were ruled out are playmaker Juan Carlos, winger Ibrahim Sissoko and striker Luis Fernández. The last name is a surprise as the Galician striker was always in the plans of the coach as long as he was fit to play.

His surprising absence is an indication that the coach isn’t contemplating the 4-4-2 scheme for this game. So, the 4-2-3-1 is once again the most probable choice. Still, there are two new tactics in the menu. In the games against Real Murcia and Sporting Gijón, the Galician tactician used the system with three centre-backs when the team was behind in the scoresheet.

In past press conferences he told to reporters that the 4-5-1 or the 5-2-2-1 are real options for the lineup, and the game at Santo Domingo could be a good opportunity to use it from the start as it’s expected an aerial battle against a team used to rely in the direct game.

In this sense Albert Lopo gain options to debut as a starter joining Pablo Insua and Carlos Marchena at the centre of the defense, while Luisinho and Laure would be used as full-backs with more freedom than usual.

The latest option contemplated by Vázquez is the figure of the triple pivote. On Thursday he tested a lineup with twelve players that included the presence of Cezary Wilk, Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños. There were no more clues as the coach was switching the other players in the formation. Still, the option means to play with a 4-3-2-1.

The surprising absence of Luis Fernández means a pause in the discussion related to who should be the starting striker at Depor. For now Borja Bastón should continue at the starting formation despite his latest performance, which includes missing a penalty against Sporting. Toché is one of the preferred choices among the fans, but it seems he will stay as the backup as the Murcian man isn’t ready to perform for the full ninety minutes.

Picked players for the game Vs. AD Alcorcón:
Goalkeepers: Fabricio & Lux (goalkeepers)
Defenders: Laure, Luisinho, Manuel Pablo, Seoane, Lopo, Insua & Marchena
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Wilk, Salomão, Núñez & Rabello
Strikers: Arizmendi, Borja Bastón & Toché



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