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01 Mar 2014
Murcian player Toché offered an interview to papers La Voz de Galicia and AS; the striker talked of his first month at Depor and his expectations for the rest of the season. The following is a summary of both interviews.

Q: In Alcorcón you played as a starter for the first time. How did you feel and how did you see the team?
A: The game was complicated, it was a small field. Neither we played in offense, but the team fulfilled the important part: to get the three points. The pretty style will be found slowly. I only had a few opportunities. It depends a lot on the final pass. I didn’t find it, but hopefully the passes and the game will arrive.

Q: The issue of the game has been hard.
A: Well, the team is among the few at Segunda that play with the ball at the feet, seeking the ball possession. To start with a score that was against us has conditioned the games. The pretty style will come later, but in this league the most important thing is the three points, even if you play badly. Furthermore, the rivals are motivated against Deportivo. We must know that we are the team to beat and must act accordingly. The promotion cannot escape.

Q: You barely had chances
A: I need crosses, drilling passes. I am not the kind of player that can beat three rivals. Last Sunday was more a game of vertical passes. Hopefully we will find the formula to get more chances, because I prefer to fail the opportunities rather to not have them.

Q: You are a representative of the increasing migration of players, even to theoretically lower leagues. Why this frightened escape?
A: The titles of the national team have been good to us. The first and second divisions aren’t economically as they were before and that forces us to have a more open mind at the moment of leaving. Everything has changed and there are countries that are betting big on football. Neither helps the issue of taxes. When you pay so much it is worthy seeking life elsewhere. Nobody goes out just to get worse. If people are going out it is with the idea of improving. I was right. I enjoyed two good years.

Q: You already are 30, what’s the plan?
A: I want to prolong my career to the fullest extent, but in the end football is the one that kicks you out. You don’t decide. If you get to an age where you don’t have offers, then the best is to turn away. I don’t pretend to be 38 playing at Segunda B. I want to be in professional football as much as possible and then stay tied to the sport. I have completed the coaching course and don’t know if I will use it, but I would try to teach based on what I've learned, and if not, then something else. Life goes on and we finish our careers very young, so you need to enjoy the weekends, holidays...

You have spent here a month, what has called your attention at Depor?
A: The number of people that’s moved by the feeling, and the sporting city. The team mates, the one that has surprised me the most is Juan Dominguez. He has a lot of quality. Although others like Insua have a promising career. There’s a great squad.

Q: The signing of Sissoko has generated some skepticism. What can you say about the Ivorian player?
A: I can only say that Depor has signed a great player. It’s a sure bet. He has a great desire to play the World Cup. He has spent the last two weeks training on the morning and the evening.

Q: Were you involved on his arrival?
A: Nothing. They neither asked me. And since I only had his Greek phone, neither I talked to him until he landed on here.

Q: With you on here, it seems that Luis and Borja are now in the background. The second has already heard the whistles at the stands, and the first was dropped from the list for the first time.
A: I knew Borja before and also know his father. We will support each other and competition will be good. The whistles don’t benefit Borja, neither the team nor the fans. I think that during the match the fan has to encourage and then obviously they can make the judgment they want. Hopefully Borja will score as soon as possible because what I've always liked is a man that scores goal. And Luis was going out of an injury. We all are going to pass through the bench and the stands. It’s a blessed competition.

Q: You already scored twice. Not bad...
A: I've had a good start considering the time I've been stopped. We have a good team and the target is to try to score a good number of goals in order to clinch the permanence.

Q: It was during the season 2005-06 when you played for Hércules. What remains of that Toché?
A: I remember with fondness that experience. It's really been a long time since I was quite young and was loaned by Atlético. I've changed a lot and have matured. For me, all experiences are positive, but the year in Hercules helped me to get back into shape and gain confidence as I arrived there after breaking my cruciate ligament.

Q: Are you surprised to see Hercules so down?
A: Yes I am surprised as they have players with quality and experience. I know the team, because I have good friends on that squad. It’s hard to understand that Eibar are the leaders and later to see Hercules so down. Segunda is unpredictable, but I’m convinced that Hércules will fight for the playoff, because they’ve enough squad for it. I hope it succeeds.

Q: What friends do you have there?
A: Juanma Ortiz is like a brother to me. We were together at the residence of Atlético and lived together. We debuted almost simultaneously. He’s a physical marvel; he still has a lot to give and is a nuisance to any player having to face him. He’s a luxury guy.

Q: On Sunday, you will be facing the worst defense. Are you rubbing hands?
A: I didn’t know it, I just found out. The statistics aren’t helpful, but hopefully I can score. Any team can beat you in this league. Sunday’s game will be a meeting between two solid squads.

Q: Surely you will sign the direct promotion of Depor and the playoff round for Hércules...
A: I wish it could be fulfilled. I also have a good relationship with Enrique Ortiz and Botella, besides the fans treated me very well. There is no better team than Hércules for your best wishes.



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