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01 Mar 2014
Bryan Rabello offered an interview to Marcos Otero from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Chilean playmaker confessed that he was very anxious during his debut, but that now he feels much calmer.

Q: Were you surprised by your presence on the bench in Alcorcón after debuting as a starter on the first day?
A: No problem, we're all at a good level, anyone can play and no one has a secure place. That's what the coach always tries to instill in us. It was a tough game and the coach was looking for other players. So I was benched.

Q: Do you think the coach may have lost some of the confidence placed in you?
A: Not at all. From the first minute I arrived, the coach always welcomed me; he talked to me and told me what he wanted. I'm slowly getting used to the team, increasingly adapting and hoping to enjoy of a good performance.

Q: Did you miss calm as Fernando Vazquez said?
A: It took me a bit because I was very anxious, eager to play. I wasn’t playing at Sevilla, but I'm slowly calming down, I'm calmer and taking shape.

Q: Is the cause of the anxiety the fact of been trying to hurry your options of been included in the list for the World Cup?
A: Not at all. It is true that the World Cup is there, but I take it in stride. I am calm, working well and focused only on Deportivo. If things go well then I could have options with the national team.

Q: Was it a burden to be granted the responsibility to improve the offensive game of the team?
A: It attracts helping the team to improve in attack, to gain depth, but I was too anxious within the first games: I was eager to play, and in the end I had many inaccuracies. Slowly I'm adapting to the league, the team and the companions.

Q: What do you prefer: the playmaker’s role or to play on the left wing?
A: Since been a kid I played as a playmaker, but when I came to Europe I changed the position and was replaced as a left winger. On that position is where I’ve played normally, but now I’m going back to the playmaker’s role.

Q: Were you feeling comfortable playing as a winger against Sporting?
A: These are two of the positions that I manage. When there’s the need there won’t be a problem playing on the left.

Q: What does the team needs to improve the game offensively?
A: I don’t know. There are many new players. We still have to know each other. As we refine the team, we will have more depth and knowledge in each of the plays.

Q: After a month in the city, is everything as you imagined?
A: I wasn’t surprised by the team. I came with the expectation that it was a great club and I was welcomed very well. People have been very kind too.

Q: And in the sporting subject?
A: I want to continue growing and contribute to the team. Obviously the group's goal is the promotion, but I would go step by step in the attempt to improve and evolve as a player during the time I spend at Deportivo.

Q: What do you think of the plans of playing with three centre-backs during the next games?
A: The coach has been working with this in recent weeks, but perhaps only as a possibility when we are losing or tying and as he needs to play more offensively.

Q: Do you think you can have chances at the team with this scheme?
A: No. The coach makes the decisions he thinks are right in order to improve and become more competitive. The team will always be ready to respect it and do what he decides.



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