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20 Mar 2014
Depor’s coach is aware that the fans are demanding more things from the team after the arrival of the winter signings, but he insists that Depor must remain to be a humble team. He also analyzed the recent injury of Toché.

On Wednesday coach Fernando Vázquez gave his mid-week press conference. He talked for eighteen minutes with reporters. The Galician coach analyzed the situation with Toché, who got injured minutes before the press conference. He also said that he’s aware of the bigger expectations of the fans after the signings made in the winter window. The following is the translation of the things said by the coach.

“Well, we must wait. The scans will be made tomorrow, but taking in mind the problem the feeling is that he has a pulled muscle on the quadriceps of his right thigh. Every time there’s an injury everybody loses something. In the first place it's hard for Toché as he was playing and improving; he was getting in shape as he wasn’t playing with regularity so it’s hard to stop now. Evidently, it’s also hard for his partners and for the team. When you have an injury it’s the worst thing that can happen to a team.”

“We still have three months of competition. This is an injury that will last for three weeks and we have a specialist for the issue, who won’t lose time. When someone is getting out of an injury he’s always returning well prepared by Pablo [Depor’s physiotherapist] If the stress fracture is confirmed, I think he will back in one month in order to compete.”

“I am not sure if Ifrán can already be a starter. I am not sure about it. Clearly when a player fells then another enters into the list of picked players. It’s like that. One striker was going to stay out on this weekend, there was only room for eighteen men and now he will make the trip. It doesn’t mean anything else, because I’ve other players, like Borja, Luis and Arizmendi, the three of them are central attackers and can perfectly perform there.”

“I don’t rule out anything. The trainings will dictate was going to happen. I haven’t made my choice. I didn’t have a pre-idea of where Ifrán was going to perform. I have an idea of where Ifrán can play and now this injury isn’t changing that concept. He’s in acceptable form and is willing to play. He’s motivated and won’t be a problem; he’ a fast and is a powerful player. He has the quality of a striker. Now I want to discover more things with him. We will see during the trainings.”

“I haven’t decided if we are going to continue with the three centre-backs. It’s prepared and we are training. Those are decisions that I do later, not at the beginning of the week. Sometimes I make the decisions on Mondays, but it isn’t the case for this game.”

“I say it from the distance. I feel sorry for Paco [Herrera]. It was one of the coaches with whom I have a better relation. Evidently he lived a bad moment there and was unable to change the things. We all know the string breaks from the saddle horn.”

“I don’t know if this will affect Deportivo. I only justify the destitution of a coach when the relationship inside the changing room is broken. It’s the only reason why a club should fire a coach and this isn’t the case with Paco at Zaragoza. I don’t say it’s good or bad, I only explain the reason why he should be fired.”

“It’s a decision of Zaragoza. Evidently he’s a coach with experience and talent. I already faced him at Primera División. I have an idea of who’s Víctor, but don’t know what he will do. I know how he likes to play, but don’t know what will happen now. In this sense I’m affected by the situation, because I knew how Zaragoza was going to behave and now I’m clueless.”

“These are things that can happen at Segunda División. You go out with an idea and suddenly everything is twisted. That’s why we must look at ourselves. We are up there and fighting for the first places, so we need to remain calm an especially to be humble, because teams that are as big as Deportivo are living a worse situation.”

“Surely their situation is difficult and they can be thinking in scoring a goal in fifteen minutes, because if not the public will be against them. It’s a situation we must be aware of it. With the passing of the minutes, and with Zaragoza without scoring, it will be a favorable to us, as always, but this time with the mood of the fans involved.”

“In a general sense they’re fine. The injuries of Pablo and Alex were muscle problems and they didn’t train for the full session, but they’re fine. Juan Dominguez was ill and now he’s fine too. They aren’t 100% ready to play, but will be fine with the passage of the hours.”

“You get used to it and will search for different solutions; evidently we already had a team before the arrival of Toché. We are losing a player that was a starter, but clearly we are covered.”

“I had a conversation with him. He’s a player that has been out for a fortnight and will be out for another fifteen days. I talked to him in order to know how he is. Yes, at some point we were screaming, but nothing important.”

“Sincerely I had noticed a change in the perception. I’m aware the perception has changed since December; I only say that we were lucky enough to get the replacements after losing some key players. It isn’t easy to sign in January. Well, the impression is that we are now the best and before we were a normal team. “

“I always say that we need to be humble and remain calm. Sometimes you need to enjoy what you already have. We cannot be super-demanding with the team. I am super-demanding with the team, because I want to see the team performing at its best. But, clearly, it seems there’s another perception in the environment regarding the team. Before, it looked like a miracle to see us up there, now we must be European champions. That’s the feeling at the stands. But we must remember that some players left and other arrived, so we still are the same team in a budgetary sense. The team is perfect right now, we lost some things, but we are more complete.”

“It isn’t surprising to see him wanting to return. Evidently he’s there for the money. You can only want to be there for the money. You cannot be at two places at the same time. When earned some things with his exit, but at the same time we lost Culio. “

“I will never switch their positions. I admit others might thing in another way, but this is my opinion. The only doubt that I can have is, playing with three centre-backs, eliminate the presence of the full-backs and play with more offensive people. It’s a possibility that I never did, but can be made as I have people for it. It means a more risky beat. “

“Playing with three centre-backs, as we did the other day, I did it in order to put pressure. I didn’t do it to be locked at the back.  The systems have nothing to do with the impression that the team is offensive or defensive. The systems are neutral.”



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