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21 Mar 2014
Deportivo have faced twenty-two injury cases on this season, five of the cases forced the players to step down for at least one month. Arizmendi and Núñez are the players more affected by this situation as they have been out in three different moments.

Bad luck for Deportivo in 2014 with the injuries. In two and half months there were only five injury cases that forced players to miss some games, but the point is that three of those cases are mid-term or long-term injuries. First it was goalkeeper German Lux, who twisted his knee in January staying out of action for a full month.

And in a matter of three weeks coach Fernando Vázquez lost winger Diogo Salomão and striker Toché, the two more in-form signings made in the winter window. The first will miss the rest of the season due to a knee injury and the second will be out for a month with a pulled muscle.

In the previous four months of competition the first team only suffered two long-term cases. The first was winger Álvaro Lemos, who damaged his knee ligaments in a training of the pre-season, and the second was centre midfielder Cezary Wilk, who spent two months on the sidelines due to a toe fracture.

Totally, Deportivo have suffered twenty-two injury cases on this season, this referred to injuries that forced the players to skip at least one game. Eleven of these cases were muscle problems. Attacker Javier Arizmendi and winger Antonio Núñez are the ones that have suffered the most as they were forced to step down in three different moments.

Núñez arrived late at the beginning of the season and suffered three different muscle injuries, but all of them took place in 2013. Meanwhile, Arizmendi has been facing a stormy situation with a Sciatica problem that made him skip eight liga meetings.

Compared to last season, Depor had only suffered fifteen injury cases after the first thirty liga matchdays and none of them were long-term cases. It means an increase of seven cases compared to the campaign 2012/13. The injury cases are especially sensitive on this season as Vázquez has been managing a short squad.

Still, Deportivo cannot complain about the situation, because the injury cases have been spaced in time. And it’s that Vázquez never had more than three casualties for a single meeting. In the worst of the cases he had four players out for the home clash against UD Las Palmas (Jan 19), but knowing that two of those four casualties were due to suspensions.



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