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07 Sep 2006
On Wednesday coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s talked on the Galician radio about several issues. He talked about the discarded players, Mun??a, Adri??n L??pez and also about the defeat in Copa Xunta de Galicia. The following is a summary of his declarations.

The club's structure: Before my arrival, I thought that the structure of the club was different. But we have what we have.

Polemic decisions: I have taken some decisions that aren't popular, but that's because I have to defend my work. I want to continue training the next year, besides I am trying to obtain a benefit for the club. What matters at the end is the final message, there are different opinions but sometimes you have to create a huge mess in order to find tranquility.

Discarded players (Scaloni and Trist??n): Sometimes a coach has to swallow things. I don't believe that they lost value in the market just because I discarded them. There were important offers for their services, they still are prestigious players and they will continue to be like that. I had my reasons to discard them, I have to valorise other aspects that sometimes you can't see.

The challenge of reconversion: If we were stronger in the economic aspect, we would probably try to sign players with more experience. But we are convinced about the quality that this squad possesses. This is a very brave reconversion, we are risking a lot, but it was necessary. I am assuming the challenge.

Mun??a: I didn't want him as second keeper. Besides we planned to use his non-communitary spot for a signing that was near to being fulfilled. At the end this new incorporation failed and we gave him a spot since he still has a lot of seasons in his contract.

Adri??n: We gave him a spot in the first squad, because it was the only way to get him. It's a matter of bureaucracy. The same reason that's pushing us to have Iago without a spot in the first squad.

The game in Lugo: The home team made a very good match, and they defeated us in every possible aspect, like it happened with Racing Ferrol. They were better in the first half and also in the second one. So, the merit is all for them.

The reasons to be defeated by a Segunda B club: In football what matters are the goals. It isn't only the fact of having a squad capable of defending. It isn't enough to have the possession of the ball, you need to create occasions and to put more pressure on the pitch. We were interested in a victory because the squad needs any possible occasion in order to build itself. Now we must prepare the challenge against Mallorca.

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