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28 Mar 2014
The return of Carlos Marchena has opened up the possibility to rescue the system with three centre-backs. Once again the coach has tested different draws during the week, so it’s uncertain the draw that will be used against CD Tenerife.

Within the last month it has been difficult to predict the draw that coach Fernando Vázquez was going to use during the matches. He has been testing different formations with different players and by the weekend he was ending up presenting one of the tested draws and normally with players that weren’t expected to perform.

There was an exception on last week as the 4-2-3-1 used in the game against Real Zaragoza was tested in the training sessions with exactly the same players. Now the doubts return as centre-back Carlos Marchena will be available for Saturday after skipping the last game due to an ankle problem.

It means the coach has the chance to return to the system with three centre-backs and, in order to increase the doubts, Vázquez has been testing the 4-2-3-1 and the 5-4-1 within the last training sessions. In the previous game at the Riazor he used a 5-2-2-1 formation, but the coach clarified that it was a unique situation as Deportivo were facing a very singular rival.

So, there are big doubts the coach will use it again, at least since the beginning of the games. However, no matter the draw, there are some tendencies with the players as, lately, Vázquez trends to use the same men. Like the unexpected reappearance of Juan Carlos, who has been a starter within the last four games just when he didn’t play any minute in the previous month and a half.

The absence of Luisinho also invites to think that the coach will continue to rely in Bryan Rabello and Ibrahim Sissoko. The Chilean has been a starter in seven of the eight games since his arrival to the club, while the Ivorian man left a positive impression against Real Zaragoza and is settle to start again, only pending to know if it will be on the wing or performing in the playmaker’s role.

Meanwhile, Luis Fernández seems to have won the battle about who’s going to be the central attacker in the next weeks after the injury sustained by Toché, though Diego Ifrán will be pushing for a starting role as soon as he gains match fitness. In the case of Borja Bastón, he has only played eleven minutes within the last five meetings.

At defense, pending to know if the coach will use a third centre-back, Pablo Insua has a secure place at the lineup, while Diego Seoane will surely continue performing on the left as Luisinho serves his last match ban. Finally, Laure will be performing on the right side. The Madrilenian has only missed five games on this season, always for injury reasons.



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