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28 Mar 2014
Diego Ifrán, the last signing of the club, al offered a press conference on Thursday. The Uruguayan striker is happy at Deportivo and explained that he needed a second chance after spending the whole season without playing at Real Sociedad.

Diego Ifrán offered his first press conference at Deportivo. It was before Thursday’s training. He suffered a serious injury in the pre-season and just enjoyed of the first minutes of football against Real Zaragoza. He started assuring that he’s feeling great after the game, “I am feeling fine. It was a strange feeling after been out for a while. I am content for the latest victory and also for the partners at the team. They makes things easier.”

About the game at La Romareda, he commented that, “They were pushing a lot in the second part and we didn’t concede anything. We didn’t give them a chance and those points were really important and we needed to defend them.”

Asked about his first impression on the environment at the changing room, the striker said that, “The team is sane and is great. The group was also great at Real Sociedad and I feel fine. I just arrived and already perceived that the group is great. I am feeling pretty comfortable.”

Ifrán confessed that he isn’t at his best moment, but hopes to be soon at the top. “I am lacking match fitness, but believe that, with the passage of the games and trainings, in a short period of time I will be fine. It’s always difficult to score the first goal, but as soon as you do it then you release the pressure and the anxiety. We must try to seize the chances that we have during the games.”

Asked if he’s ready to perform on the left wing as coach Fernando Vázquez wants, he said that, “During the trainings I have been training more on the wing than on the centre of the attack, so the coach is the one that decides where I’ going to play. It’s probable that I will be playing more on the wing and it will be welcomed. I try to do my best and if the coach sees me fine then he will put me, if not he will leave me on the bench.”

The Uruguayan player also confessed that he needed a change after not been able to perform for Real Sociedad, “Since they told me about the chance of coming here, and seeing that the team was in a solid position, there was always in my head the idea that the team has to clinch the promotion. I am very happy and needed a change, truly it was what I needed and I’m working in order to improve. I will try to be at the top. The coach has said a lot of things to me and I’m happy.”

About the problems of Deportivo in order to win the games at the Riazor, he said that, “Sometimes you are strong at home and is hard to win on the road, and sometimes it’s easier away from home and more difficult at your stadium. It’s the hard part of football: to win both at home and away. It’s what we need to get in order to clinch the goal.”

Finally, Diego Ifrán was emphasizing the importance of the victory before CD Tenerife, “The game is important, mainly knowing that the third place is facing the fourth. We must try to win and put some distance with the rivals. I watched the game against Barcelona B and the fans were great. Despite been at Segunda the field and the fans are from Primera. Is Tenerife coming in the best moment of the season? We are too at our best moment.”



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