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02 Apr 2014
Winger/full-back Luisinho addressed the media after been out for four games; he admitted that he could have problems after not playing for a full month. He also said that things are different comparing Spain and Portugal due to the sanctions.

Luisinho is back after missing the last four games due to his polemic suspension occurred in the game against Hércules CF. The linesman informed that he was insulted and the competition committee banned him for a full month. The winger talked to reporters on Tuesday and explained the difficulties lived in the past four weeks, “It was really complicated for me as I lived a very bad moment. I wasn’t counting in missing so many games, but it’s over and don’t want to talk about it.”

“I never lived this before, it never passed through my head. Off course you never expect to be suspended for four games and it’s time to think of the future. The past is over. I just want to help the team and myself. I need to recover the lost time.” He added.

The Portuguese player remains upset with the incident occurred in the past game against Hércules, “It was my word against his and he ended leaving me out four games. It happened to me that I couldn’t sleep well. It was unfair. They affected me and also affected my team and don’t want to remember it as it was a sad moment for me. Now I must think of the next game, which is difficult.”

“In Spain things are like this, because in Portugal things aren’t like this. Here in Spain you need to play with the mouth shut, because in case of talking they can misinterpret and you end out for four games. I don’t know why the sanction was for four games. We can only think now that there are ten finals lying ahead.” He added.

The former player of SL Benfica also said that Depor were fine in the four matches that he missed, though he admitted the problems to add the points at home, “The team has been fine despite only getting one victory in these four games; we are facing problems at home as we aren’t adding the three points. Now we must think that the next games are more difficult. There are only a few players available and must be prepared.”

A journalist asked about the need to remain calm now that the squad is short due to the casualties of Insua and Álex, plus the physical problems of Sissoko and he commented that, “The team is suffering right now. My expulsion, the injury of Salomão, Toché, the two players you are mentioning and it is complicated to make a proper squad. We must give everything and must be aware that we cannot fail.”

He wasn’t worried about the position in which he will play on Saturday and was more focused in his lack of participation within the last month, “I don’t know what will happen. We will see it on Saturday. The important thing is that I will be available. I spent four games without playing, but kept training and the coach is the one that decides. It isn’t the same to play than to train. But I have felt fine and surely it will be hard to return, but I’m ready to play.”

Finally, Luisinho talked of Real Madrid Castilla, the next rival in liga, “These are difficult teams, young players that want to demonstrate things and surely it will be a difficult opponent. We must travel there with the intention of getting the three points.”



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