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03 Apr 2014
Antonio NķŮez offered an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeůn; the Madrilenian winger explained his situation after not playing with regularity in 2014. Still, heís optimistic and even expects to score a goal.

Q: Is it hard to leave a starring role for a more secondary status?
A: Logically, Iím working to regain a place at the starting eleven, but everything is to help the team, even if it is just for a few minutes, itís positive.

Q: Once the winter signings have settled, you've been relegated.
A: But it's always good to have several players fighting for a spot, because it benefits the team. But in my case, it has always been like this. I'm used to spend all my life fighting for a place with very nice people. So Iíll do as I always did: to work hard.

Q: How would you describe your adventure at Depor?
A: It has been a kind of weird season. I arrived with the strange feeling of the contract lasting until December, so I didnít know if I was going to be at the team until the end of season. Then when I started to take shape, I suffered too many injuries that cut my regularity. But with everything and that, Iím very happy to be in this club, to train at this team, to play almost every Sunday with Deportivo, a team that you can notice it is respected wherever it goes. So, itís still a very positive experience for me and I am convinced that what lies ahead is much better and that, at the end of the season, weíll all celebrate because it will be a very special year.

Q: Is the best, at an individual level, also still to come?
A: I hope to have a more protagonic role, in having things and I also hope to provide goals, because I can do it.

Q: Is the goal a thorn that you still have?
A: Never before I have spent a season without scoring and I will do everything to prevent this season to be the first one. Now I am missing the goal.

Q: Equally strange is the season for the team, with so many financial problems and so many injuries with key players. And yet, no one is pulling you down emotionally.
A: This group is sacrificed. It consists of generous players who strive and play as a team. Sometimes a team has figures, many class and talented players, but they are less team than us. I think we have what is called a real team. Perhaps, with more low profile players than stars, but thatís why we offer a sacrifice and effort, something thatís keeping us above others.

Q: Are you the best squad in the league?
A: I donít know if the best, but perhaps we're the most consistent team in terms of work, especially defense. We need to create more danger, but while we're doing fine in the defensive work we will remain up. I think the club has been successful with the signings and they have brought some things.

Q: What you have earned with the reinforcements?
A: Things we didnít have before. Salom„o contributed with the overflow. Sissoko is a player who brings a lot of talent, and we needed a player of that profile, he does the unexpected, having great ball skills. Lopo is strong at defense, which also provides new things for the defense ... Among all we have a great squad.

Q: Speaking of Sissoko, we have spent from the jokes when he arrived, for being overweight, to now say that is called to be the player that will make the difference in this last stretch
A: I think heís starting to mark the differences. It is true that when he arrived, he still needed to gain shape, but has made an effort, I donít know if everyone knows it, but is working every day, morning and evening. He assumes things very seriously and we really are seeing the results. The quality is there, he has the talent and now he's better so, we are already seeing the player he is and the kind of player he can be. I believe he will give more things and that he can be a major player from here to the end of the season.

Q: There isnít any team in the league imposing its dominion.
A: Itís the more leveled season that I can remember and I believe it will be the same until the end. I believe we will have to fight for the promotion until the last matchday, so we need to remain mentally strong as we did until now.

Q: Arenít you confused with so many changes in the system?
A: We're working hard then the team is mechanizing the new ideas. Itís always good to have some flexibility in the system, having variety and not losing the track.

Q: What draw did you prefer?
A: In the last few games, perhaps we are playing with a system in which I donít play so often, because we're playing more inside and less on the flanks. Logically, I would enter more on a system with a line of four defenders in which the wingers are needed, but I will try to contribute wherever they put me.



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