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04 Apr 2014
Fernando Vázquez has been testing a 4-1-4-1 draw, a figure that was used four times in the first round. Sissoko was included in the list for the game, which leaves the number of available players in eighteen.

Since the team is traveling on Friday noon to Madrid, on Thursday coach Fernando Vázquez released the list of picked players for the game against Real Madrid Castilla. Ibrahim Sissoko was included in the list, which indicates that his hamstring injury isn’t as serious as it was feared at the beginning. However, the Ivorian player will make a late test on Friday in order to determine if he is ready to play, so there’s the possibility he can be replaced by a Fabril’s player.

For the moment the coach decided to travel with the eighteen players available at the first team without calling anyone from Fabril, this despite the fact there are only two healthy centre-backs and that Álex Bergantiños, normally used as a centre-back in emergency cases, is injured.

During the week Vázquez has been testing a 4-1-4-1 draw, a figure that was used in four previous opportunities during this season: Barcelona B (matchday 09), Real Zaragoza (matchday 10), CD Tenerife (matchday 11) and SD Eibar (matchday 18).

The true is that it’s a variant of the 4-2-3-1 as Juan Dominguez advances his position in order to join the playmaker in the scheme, which in this case could be Bryan Rabello. In this way there’s only centre midfielder trying to steal the ball from the opponent, position that will be for Polish Cezary Wilk. However is still to be determined if Sissoko will remain at the starting formation, because in that case Dominguez could delay his position and Depor would return to the 4-2-3-1.

Another of the novelties in the draw is that the coach seems ready to recover the wings, after weeks in which the wingers were actually playmakers performing towards the centre, he’s now eager to exploit the sides, boosted by the return of Luisinho and the “rescue” of Antonio Núñez, who only played 44 minutes in March.

Meanwhile, there are doubts on who will be the starting striker. Borja Bastón has been tested during the week, but Luis Fernández has chances after been the starting choice in the previous two meetings, while Diego Ifrán is pushing for his first appearance at the starting formation, though this is the less probable option.

The absence of Pablo Insua at the centre of the defense will be covered with two veterans in the position: Carlos Marchena and Albert Lopo. The sides should be for Diego Seoane and Laure. Finally, German Lux should be the starting keeper.

Picked players for the game Vs. Castilla:
Goalkeepers: Lux & Fabricio
Defenders: Laure, Manuel Pablo, Luisinho, Seoane, Lopo & Marchena
Midfielders: Juan Domínguez, Wilk, Núñez, Juan Carlos, Sissoko & Rabello
Attackers: Luis Fernández, Arizmendi, Borja Bastón & Ifrán



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