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04 Apr 2014
German Lux offered an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Argentine keeper understands the recent criticism but says that the team must remain the same. He also targets to add the 12 points in the 4 remaining games at the Riazor.

Q: On a personal level, are thing working out as you expected during the summer?
A: My expectations were to play. What I wanted and needed was to play. So I decided to stay here. In a personal sense I'm doing a regular season. Except for the injury I always found myself pretty well and that's what I wanted: to play, to have minutes, continuity and enjoy playing football again as in previous years things were difficult.

Q: - What will be the key in this final stretch of the season?
A: Keep calm and focus on the target. For that we have a very good situation inside the changing room, the people who have come here has adapted quickly. Here there are no stars; we are all humble and hardworking.

Q: What do you think of the fact that, ten matchdays before the end, people are still asking to change the style of the team?
A: But we have to understand the audience and that people want their team to practice attractive football and have more ball possession in order to generate many scoring chances. That would be ideal, but the reality is that the success, until now, came to us having a different playing style: always starting from the back to up front.

Q: Are there doubts inside the changing room, even after the winter transfers arrived, that you can play differently?
A: No, we fulfill the orders from the coach. The coach asks one thing, which is intensity, work, and we have changed several times the system and have always adapted pretty well.

Q: Do you understand the anger of the fans after the draw against Tenerife?
A: We understand that the fans always want to win. We also want it, so we understand and are grateful for what they did all these years, at least since I've been here, and this year too, always attending to the field.

Q: There are four games remaining at the Riazor? Do you make the math?
A: We must add the twelve points, no doubt about it. The true is that in our field, of the four remaining games, we would have to win all of them, but we always went game by game.

Q: There is no math? Perhaps in order to get the direct promotion it would be enough with those four games
A: Itís that we cannot do the math. We also thought that if we would have defeated Tenerife then we were going to extend the lead, but we couldnít win. We cannot make major calculations and must continue game by game, thinking that Madrid is a very tough opponent and trying to move forward.

Q: Had the continuous injuries affected the morale of the squad?
A: No, the true is that itís a team thatís surpassing all the stones that are coming out on the road. We must look forward and not dwell on things that are part of the job, it can happen.

Q: Do you understand now that people are criticizing the coach?
A: No, not really. We cannot blame anybody. We tied a game we all thought we had under control. But then there was an isolated play. It wasnít because the coach made a change and that we passed to play with a line of five men at the back. We think so. I donít think the blame is on the coach. We must move forward. The other day it was an isolated play and nothing more.



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