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07 Apr 2014
The players and the coach were content as Deportivo clinched a meritorious win due to the circumstances; Fernando Vázquez said it was practical, while Lopo was proud of Manuel Pablo, his improvised partner at the centre of the defense.

Asked by a reporter, coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that his team was practical enough to clinch the victory, “Yes, I believe we are like that. We are practical. We have had better games and also worse ones. Today we suffered a lot in the second half. We usually don’t suffer too much and trend to be more practical. We were lucky to score a goal and were solid enough to defend it.”

The true is that El Profesor was content with the performance of the team taking in mind the casualties hitting the squad, “I am content too, because the team was arriving hurt by the casualties. I only had a few resources at the bench, so I’m content. Yes, it was a practical game, and no matter the circumstances you need to win.”

The Galician tactician commented the big differences that he noticed between both halves, “The game was equal in the first half. We tried to push Castilla up front in order to get the ball. I believe things were better, but what happens when you claim the lead is that the rival pushes harder and you trend to be more conservative, and I believe this is what happened to us. The second half is the one I liked the least on this season.”

He was happy with the contribution of Uruguayan Ifrán, who scored the second goal, “This is why we signed Diego Ifrán: to help us to close a game and today he gave us the reason. At the beginning people didn’t understand the decision, and today he demonstrated that we were right. This is a great result for us.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was satisfied with the job of Manuel Pablo performing as a centre-back, “We were worried about the situation with Marchena. He made the warning up and couldn’t play. Evidently I had to use Manuel Pablo on that position and he did an extraordinary job, we have to recognize it.”

Juan Dominguez scored the first goal and it was a header (the first in his career); he commented the play, “I don’t score through headers as I am not involved in set-pieces. The coach doesn’t put me searching for the ball, because he prefers to see me ready for the secondary play. Today the cross was perfect, I was close to the ball and it went into my path. Let’s hope it won’t be the last one.”

The midfielder was content as Depor won despite the problems, "We are content for achieving the victory, but especially because we did it despite the setbacks; we surpass them and demonstrate that the strength is within the squad. Now we must prepare the next game. To get the three points at home. I don’t see beyond that.”

Diego Ifrán was the other goal scorer in the game; the Uruguayan was happy with his goal, “It’s special to me, especially taking in mind I hadn’t scored since going out from my injury. Victory and a goal in favour, you cannot ask for more.”

German Lux was emphasizing the clean sheet and the problems with the casualties at defense, “The casualties didn’t affect us, even Manuel Pablo had to play as a centre-back and he was fine. We clinched the victory and the clean sheet.”

Diego Seoane made a solid job on the left side of the defense; he commented the meeting, “It was an important game; the other rivals had big challenges and it was important to pick up the points. I believe we had things under control in the first half, and in the second we were solid at the back. We had casualties, but the team responded. The most important part is about to come and I'm convinced we will get the results. I believe I'm doing a great job playing on the left and I'm feeling comfortable.”

Albert Lopo was proud of the job done by Manuel Pablo as his team mate at the centre of the defense, “He’s a phenomenon. It seems he has been playing as a centre-back for his whole life. I’m content for clinching a victory facing a complicate rival.”

The Catalan defender was also satisfied as Depor clinched a new clean sheet, “Everything related to clinching a clean sheet is always synonymous with clinching something positive. We were playing before the rest of teams and it was important to win in order to put pressure to the rivals.”

Manuel Pablo himself was explaining how he faced the task of performing as a centre-back, “I tried to be highly focused in defensive tasks in order to not suffer too much, though it’s true that I committed some mistakes, which is logical, but I’m content with my performance throughout the ninety minutes. In this league everything is difficult and we knew this team was a challenge and we controlled them, especially in the first half, later in the second they had more options.”

Luisinho was asked about the incident with Juan Carlos and the Portuguese player said that it’s a case closed, “These are things that happen during a training, it’s fixed. We are a very strong group and that’s the important thing.”

At Real Madrid Castilla, coach Manolo Díaz was complaining of the softness of his team at the moment of defending the set-pieces, “I don’t know what we have to do in order to not allow goals in set-pieces. We have changed some aspects, but we are still leaking goals, besides it was during an important moment. We are allowing goals very easily.”

He neither looked too affected for losing against Depor, “It wasn’t the hardest loss that we have suffered, because we created three or four chances before one of the best defenses. Neither Deportivo created too many opportunities; almost all of them were set-pieces, plus the counterattack of the second goal. We trust this squad and in the players. We are worried, but tranquil. The squad has demonstrated that we can trust them; the players deserve it.”



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