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10 Apr 2014
Depor’s coach offered his mid-week press conference and surprised everyone saying that Insua and Marchena might be available for the weekend. He also admitted the problems to get the results at home, but it’s happy with the team’s performance.

On Wednesday, coach Fernando Vázquez talked with reporters for thirteen minutes. He talked of the state of the players ahead of the meeting against Recreativo de Huelva and surprised assuring that Insua and Marchena will join the trainings on Thursday and that the duo could be available for the weekend. Beyond being the leader again, the Galician tactician emphasized the distance with the third place. He admitted the problems to achieve positive results at home, but also said that he’s proud of his team. The following is the translation of the issues discussed by Vázquez.

“I don’t know the meaning of his problem [he suffered a knock on Wednesday’s session]. We need to wait for a few hours. I don’t know if he will be able to train tomorrow, it seems it was a sprain [ankle], but haven’t talked to him. So, I don’t have further information.”

“He sustained a knock in the knee during the training, but it’s something without importance.”

“Both Pablo [Insua] and Marchena are going to train with me tomorrow, therefore its good news. The participation of Pablo is more certain compared to Marchena, but both players aren’t ruled out for the weekend. Pablo is fine; I said before that I didn’t think it was for a full month. He’s feeling safe and will join the trainings tomorrow. “

“Tomorrow both players will train with us, the case of Pablo is more certain than the one of Marchena, but surely they will train with me tomorrow. Pablo just missed a game and, if he’s fine tomorrow, surely he will be part of my plans. It means great news; evidently the potential of the team is higher when everyone is available. You chose ten at the end, but it’s better if everyone is available. I hope everyone will be fine.”

“I believe the important thing is that the team is noticing now the distance with the third place; beyond being first or second the important thing is to realize that you are now two games above the third place, which for me is more significant. I believe the team is noticing it, even more than being the leader again.”

“It’s an important clash and it means more than three points, but only before Recreativo, because there are other rivals, but evidently it will be important to put Recreativo nine points away. It’s important to put distance with direct rivals having only eight games left. It would be wonderful, ones less to fight for the permanence, at least for the direct spots. It will be off, at least against us, because it’s hard to overcome a difference of three games only having one month of competition. “

Álex [Bergantiños] will began to train on next week and I need to fix the problem with what I have, but there are solutions. I am searching and trying to guess the solution that will bring better results. If Marchena is fine then there are more chances, but If not I could end playing with Bryan [Rabello] performing alongside Juan Dominguez, I could also play with Juan Carlos and even with the three of them.”

“I could even introduce Luisinho in a position in which he’s training, even Seoane. Those are the chances. The most probable solutions will be Bryan or Luisinho, but Luisinho isn’t ruled out for that position. I also train with Seoane if something happens. Seoane performed as a centre midfielder at the academy, he was too young, but it’s a position that he knows. He has the quality to perform there.”

“I hope to see a different Luisinho from now on; in a disciplinary sense I believe his behavior will be exemplary. He brings a feeling of security at the moment of moving the ball, and can also play on the left. How the team s more powerful, with Luisinho at the left or at the centre? It’s the decision I need to make.”

“It’s the reality, but I’m proud of what my team does, no matter is at home or away. Evidently I understand that the fan is worried, because what they want is to celebrate the victory with their team, so the feeling of party is fading away at the Riazor, because the team is not winning and the fans aren’t happy and they are right, because the team isn’t fulfilling their expectations. I hope they could think beyond that, because the team has been at the top for a while and we are now the leaders.”

“It doesn’t matter where the points are added, but in an affective sense I would also prefer to win the points at home and later lose on the road, because the fans would be happier. Still, things are like this and we are moving up. I believe we have lost the joy at home, at least a little, but I respect the behavior of the fans. Still, I would love to see them celebrating the current situation. It would be important for the players seeing that the whole city is behind them.”

“The fight for the spot is absolutely open. Ifrán is much better; he’s in a better shape than when he arrived. It’s a pretty fight to see who the starting striker is. In the end it’s a decision of the coach, but I’m very happy with the work done by the three of them, three because Toché is injured and returns on next week. If the four of them are fit for the end of the season, including Arizmendi, then it would be great news for Depor, because we will have ammunition to spend.”

“I’ve made a calculation, but it’s the same of the start of season. I calculated the number of wins and draws that we could need, according to this we still need five wins and three draws, something like that. So, it means 75 points, we are in that path. But right now I don’t want to think of that. Perhaps we will need less; it will depend of the results before direct rivals and who knows.”

“It’s a great responsibility to play at home and I believe the team is still missing to win a game with clarity, showing superiority, and for several reasons it has been hard to achieve it until now. Now we welcome a team with regularity, they passed through a bump, but are back and doing a great job, even having important results on the road. So we need to be careful. I don’t think we are superior and neither think they are superior. Let’s see if we can achieve an important result having calm.”

“The evolution regarding the number of passes is progressing in a positive way, every game we are making more passes. Against Tenerife we had the ball possession, so it isn’t the problem of the team. Sometimes we end the games in a poor way and I think about it, sometimes I am too critic and later realize that I am too hard with the team. The other day I said that wasn’t content with the second half in Madrid, because it was the time to have the ball and score the 0-2, perhaps we suffered too much in defense as we are strong in that sense. “

“I don’t want to think of next season, not yet. I see Manuel Pablo with the energy and will to keep playing. He’s impressive at this point.”



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