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12 Apr 2014
Friday’s press conference was used to explain the current situation of Deportivo. The president talked of several issues, including the details in the increase of the club’s capital and the negotiation of a new TV contract.

It was a juicy press conference by Tino Fernández. The new president explained in charts and one by one all the cases regarding the debt of Deportivo. He also talked of the situation with the banks, a new TV contract and the later incidents with Camuñas and Evaldo. The clear thing for him is that Deportivo can only survive staying for a long time at Liga BBVA. The following is a summary of the things said by Depor’s boss.

“We haven’t reached an agreement with the banks and, since it has been a month and the fans wanted to know more information about the deal with the Treasury, we decided to offer this press conference, knowing that we are pending to know of other decisions by the judge that can affect the deals. So, we decided to talk and later, when the deal could be signed, then we can make a clarification either through an official note or with another press conference.”

“Deportivo must be able to increase the club’s capital; it’s true that it isn’t solving the big problem of the debt, because we have a lack of balance for more than 100 million. It isn’t the solution, but the financial entities are telling us that it’s okay to ask them for a longer deadline and appointments, but that at the same time the owners of the society must do something more than just attending to the field every weekend. I think this is a minimal effort, now we’ll see how to complete it. The idea is that the people having a small number of shares can increase their number, and also will try to include people that aren’t part of this until now. This is popular capitalism and I expect the demand will be higher than the offer. This compromise must be completed before the end of this year. I aspire that part of this money can be used to pay the debt, though we aren’t forced to do it.”

“We haven’t signed yet the deal and it’s the same reason of the past: we are trying to improve the conditions. We are trying to improve the income of the publicity, because these are important amounts. As soon as this is possible, and it also affects the deal between the banks and the Treasury for the 19 million, then I understand we will sign the deal. I expect it can be made within the next days. “

“We already asked for a meeting with this entity in order to see how we can pay this debt. Since that point everything will be solved.”

“According to the view of the board of directors we believe we have a good agreement, in this case with the Treasury the conditions are hard, we cannot fool anyone, we would have loved the plan could be different. There were two sins here, the first was to not have a bigger forgiveness of the debt. If you compare to other entities on administration you will realize that the percentages are much bigger and I believe no one is at this number right now, so we should have sought for a bigger percentage. The other error was to negotiate each deal for separate, this issue of been going to different chapels it only makes harder the situation and you miss balance. I believe we could have balanced the burden, because things will be easier after the tenth year, but not before.”

Tino Fernández during the press conference
“We cannot fool ourselves: Deportivo need Primera División. The promotion to Primera means capital to Deportivo. There isn’t a model to manage the situation staying at Segunda División. We are talking of incomes in which the difference is brutal regarding the TV rights, besides the amount of the sponsorships depend if you are at Primera or at Segunda. It isn’t the same to stay at Liga BBVA or at Liga Adelante. You don’t even receive the same money during the pre-season as the expectations are higher as you can collect money playing outside the country. “

“This model can hold on for three or four years at Segunda, but the club will hardly survive after that. We must be clear that for a few years the club can only spend what it collects. That idea must exist in our minds: we can only spend what we collect, and not only that, because part of the income must be used to pay the debt used to have the party, a party that we all loved, but that it still pending to be paid. It’s the reality. The new reality is that we are forced to pay less in some areas. We need money, because the artists need a payment and we also have to pay the past debt. “

“We must remember that we already used the money of the future regarding the TV rights, because we used it to pay the debt. On next year, with us at Primera, when Fernando ask for players we will need to buy players, so I’m trying to improve our current contract, I believe our current relation with Meadiapro is good, and this taking in mind that the president of Mediapro told me that the past relation with the club was conducted through official faxes. We were able to collect the money they were owing to us, the debt of this season, and now we are trying to improve the contract. It also involves the publicity at the Riazor. We are trying to generate more incomes for Deportivo. “

“As you know the deal is ending now and only two seasons are pending in the current model, because from there the rights will be sold in a collective contract by the clubs. We will see the role and how the money is distributed, and for now there's the possibility to extend the deal with Meadiapro. On this week we are negotiating in Barcelona. We are also open to make tours outside the country. .Income is income. We will search anywhere.”

“Sincerely, I haven’t looked the files. It is a subject handled by the lawyer of the club. It’s a pity, nothing more. It’s a new demonstration of the lack of rigor in some issues. In life you commit errors, but sometimes some errors are hard to explain. It’s incredible to have an employee without been inscribed in the social security, also that some people don’t have their paperwork. I like to fight euro by euro and it’s a pity to see the money entering to just end leaving by this issue. At the same time I found out the day before the elections that the declaration of taxes wasn’t made properly and it meant to pay a fine. We ended paying 30,000 Euros. We can make a lot of things with 30,000 Euros. I believe that what Deportivo need to do is to erase the Champions League from its head. We no longer can spend money as we did before. We must assume our reality. It’s a good medicine. And the problem is that there was money and things could have been done properly. “

“It started on March 10 and as soon as the agreement was signed. I believe it will be ready at the end of the month. With the information we will see what things can be told to the public. “

“The games with the lesser number of people were against Castilla and Alcorcón. The highest was against Sporting, which neither was thanks to Deportivo as there were a lot of fans travelling, the second highest attendance was against Lugo, the third was Alavés, the fourth Barcelona B. Evidently for the last game we sold 23,000 tickets. We need more people at the Riazor.”



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