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12 Apr 2014
Fernando Vázquez is searching for a defensive midfielder to join Juan Dominguez. Rabello seems to be the most probable solution. The returns of Insua and Marchena are reinforcing the most solid position on this season.

Important news for coach Fernando Vázquez ahead of the big game against Recreativo de Huelva. The returns of Pablo Insua and Carlos Marchena means a boost for the centre of the defense, the best part of the team on this season and that was only counting with Albert Lopo for the job. Now the coach has three luxury alternatives for the two spots as it’s expected that he will keep playing with a 4-2-3-1 figure.

The main question for Sunday’s match is who will play at midfield. With Álex Bergantiños out injured and Cezary Wilk suspended there’s an available spot alongside Juan Dominguez. The coach has tested three alternatives during the trainings Bryan Rabello, Diego Seoane and Luisinho.

During his midweek press conference, Vázquez admitted that the most probable option is Chilean Rabello, while he questioned himself if the team is going to lose potential in case of moving Portuguese Luisinho to the centre. In the case of Seoane, he played in the position when he was an academy player, but it seems it was only a test.

The fact of delaying the position of Rabello means that Ibrahim Sissoko will return to the playmaker’s role, which opens a spot at the right wing, which could be for Antonio Núñez or even Javier Arizmendi. Both men have lost presence in the lineups after the arrival of the winter signings and this could be his last opportunity before the end of season.

Borja Bastón has big chances of staying in attack despite not having opportunities in the previous game against Real Madrid Castilla. There’s even the chance the coach could opt for a more offensive 4-4-2 allowing the entry of Diego Ifrán. Still, it isn’t probable as Vázquez has only used the 4-4-2 in two opportunities throughout the season: Vs. AD Alcorcón (matchday 06) and Vs. Deportivo Alavés (matchday 17).



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