12 Apr 2014
Bryan Rabello conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Chilean playmaker says that he’s feeling fine at Deportivo and also confident under the command of Fernando Vázquez.

Q: Have you already ended the adaptation process to Deportivo?
A: Now I'm much more comfortable with the team, with more confidence. And thank God we have achieved good results and that makes us happy and currently holding the leadership.

Q: Do you expect to give a little more?
A: As the matches go by, and as I said before, you tend to feel better, but for me I always expect more, I want to score more goals, I wish more assists in every game and I give my best to get it.

Q: You left Chile as a reality, was it hard to be transformed back into a promise after landing on here?
A: I landed very young from my country and I fulfilled the expectations that had marked for myself. I arrived at the B squad of Sevilla I did well and climbed to the first team. It’s true that this transit was hard to me, but I started playing. But well, here at Depor I feel much more confident and I found the starting role that I was searching for. We hope to continue on this path.

Q: As the past matchday was, the victory in Valdebebas was a giant step to achieve promotion.
A: Definitely. We knew it was important to win the three points against a team that has made a great second round and the failures of others put us back into the first position. Now we have to keep working and avoid failures until the end.

Q: In this league to win two straight games seems a chimera.
A: [Smiles] Nobody gives away a point. In each field you have to fight a hundred percent to clinch the victory or even the draw. You always have to suffer. No rest.

Q: What’s your impression on Fernando Vázquez in these months he has been your coach?
A: From the first minute I felt supported by him; he’s always talking to me, encouraging me to keep improving and I like that.

Q: Did he ask for something specific?
A: No, no... Every time we jump to the field he tells me to have fun, that I should go out to do what I do and it helps me a lot with my self-esteem.

Q: Do you understand that the Riazor is requesting another style when the team plays at home?
A: It’s normal. When you play at home it’s required to propose football, to go out for the matches, to be carrying with the weight of the game. Unfortunately in recent games we haven’t always been able to do it and even missed to win, however, this Sunday we have the opportunity to remove the thorn.

Q: To knockdown Recreativo, would it virtually mean to eliminate a rival for the direct promotion?
A: If we win the game, no doubt, we would escape. But Recre have enormous potential and we need to avoid mistakes to take the match.

To be able to participate in the World Cup, would it be the culmination of a meteoric career?
A: I assume it with tranquility. It's a little premature to think about whether or not I’m going to Brazil, there’s still time... [He thinks for a moment] I take it in stride. The important thing is that I'm doing things right. I must continue in the same path and the national team will be discussed later.

Q: In the case of wining the promotion and not having minutes in Sevilla, would you like to stay at Deportivo?
A: Yes, the true is that I'm very comfortable on here. I felt comfortable with the team since the first day I arrived. I also love the fans and how you live in this city. But anyway, I think we should now focus on closing the season and then it will be assessed with more calm.



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