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18 Apr 2014
German Lux remembered the problems lived by Deportivo at the beginning of the season, reason why the promotion would have a very special taste. For now he wants to be focused in going game after game.

The promotion is close to Depor, but the players and the coach know that they cannot relax. On Thursday, goalkeeper German Lux conceded a press conference and said that it’s very important to continue doing the same things that put Deportivo at the top of the standings.

He started talking of Sunday’s game, “We are already thinking of the next game as the strategy is going game after game. We travel to Majorca for the weekend and the idea is to win there. Mallorca have, in my opinion, a great squad with great players, but they missed the regularity throughout the season, I don’t know why, maybe it was what happened to us at the beginning. But in our case we were isolated for those problems. It’s a pity as I’ve an emotional link with this team. Some of my former partners are passing through a difficult time, but I think they have enough resources to compete.”

“We will try to play our game, with intensity as we always go out for everything. We will try to control the game and do what we always do in defensive aspects. The other day, Recreativo barely completed shots on target and now we will try to do the same. We must try to have scoring opportunities and score the goals.” He added.

The keeper is conscious of the tense moments lived at RCD Mallorca and believes that Depor can take advantage of it, “It’s a team in need. Maybe it can affect their game as they need the points. They need the three points as they aspire to promotion, but we only think of what Deportivo will do and maybe that tension could be favorable to us.”

He, like Fernando Vázquez did the day before, was emphasizing the regularity of Deportivo, “Maybe within the last games we haven’t conceded goals, but I also believe that we never lived very negative streaks throughout the season. In a general sense, the team was always solid, and that’s what we are trying to maintain until the last game.”

Lux was saying that Depor’s coach has been able to build up a strong team based in the defense, “The coach always told me that he wanted to have the Zamora on this league, and the true is that he wasn’t wrong. The coach knows what he wants and we try to fulfill the plans. He wanted an invulnerable team and he achieve it. We do whatever he wants, but we also knew that we can do it. It’s also true that we had, and still have, problems to score the goals.”

The Argentine player also confessed that he hasn’t talked with the club about a possible renewal, “I want to fulfill the dream that I explained before: I want the promotion with Deportivo in a season in which I was able to enjoy. There’s was an injury, but it only sidelined me for a few weeks. I was also blessed with that. I’m content and eager to end the season clinching the promotion, later we will see. I haven’t spoken to the club and we only want to be focused in the next game.”

He also coincided with what Fernando Vázquez about the advantage of Depor at this point of the season, something that cannot be wasted, “It will be a pity if the promotion escapes now, but I don’t think it will happen. We cannot relax and must face the games with a humble behavior. It’s almost there.”

Finally, Lux remembered that this was a hard season after all the problems had at the beginning, “We faced many problems during the pre-season, many players left, others arrived. We have surpassed problems inside the club and the squad was always on the sidelines. The work of the coach and Macario [the club’s psychologist] was solid and we were only focused in working, always knowing it was going to be difficult. Obviously many thought the promotion was going to be complicated, and it was like that in the end, but since matchday 11 the team didn’t’ fell from the promotion race and we are still there. We must continue fighting in order to get the goal.”



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