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25 Apr 2014
Midfielder Juan Dominguez conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The Galician analyzed his new role in the system and also the impact of the academy players on this season.

Q: The circumstances have conditioned the season. A couple of matchdays ago, it forced a switch in the scheme and you seemed happy.
A: My change of position entails to cover more area. Now my participation is bigger, that's what I like. In defense you have more space to cover and you work with more width, but the system works and I'm also happy in an individual level.

Q: You are the more affected player by the changes in the system. This campaign you passed from been off to be the better player, everything depending of the draw.
A: I always said that at the moment of participating there are many factors, itís not only a matter of the player. The position, the team mates... Being more or less alone, as the lonely pivote, makes me an easy option to pass the ball for the people thatís in front and behind me. On the other hand, itís demands a bigger sacrifice in a physical level and requires more concentration. At the end you are the one thatís balancing the team. I feel comfortable in this scheme and also with the double pivote.

Q: You donít like to perform as the playmaker
A: I always said that the playmakerís role is where I find most difficult to perform. To collect the ball backwards the opponents is harder for me than when I confront them face to face. The fact of turning around was perfect for Valerůn.

Q: The coach himself wanted you to assume the role of the Canarian player, was it negative for you?
A: It never affected me the comparisons. I remain isolated from the outside and never saw me like that. I'm not like him. When they put me there I was just trying to do my best. To replace Valerůn is quite complicated.

Q: Did you talk to the coach?
A: No need to talk to him. He already saw it. Everyone knows that, as long as I'm playing, Iím happy. When he asked my opinion I told him that to collect the ball backwards the goal was a little harder for me.

Q: VŠzquez has also lived lows in the popularity. From his races on the pitch to murmurs at the stands. What is his impact on the progress of the team?
A: From the outside you only see a small percentage of what happens at the team. People stay with the race and with what you see on the field, but the coach is much more than that. It would be unthinkable a Depor thatís the leader at this point without realizing of the big impact made by the coach.

Q: The coach also wanted you to have a starring role inside the changing room. Is a heavy burden?
A: My role inside the changing room has changed. Iím the third captain, itís my fifth year here and obviously itís not the same than when I was promoted from Fabril. I have been gaining weight. Not to lead people, because I think that we donít need that. Itís just for the organization within the team to see it working better. Itís to serve as an intermediary with the club, for example.

Q: In that field, it has been a particularly tough season.
A: I'm not going to lie. It has affected us. Even if you want to stay isolated the outside situations end affecting you. But as long as youíre working, no. But then, like it or not, you have the head on it.

Q: Have they offered to renew?
A: That negotiation has just started. It has been a contact to say that they are interested in a renewal. We agreed that we would talk.

Q: But do you want it, whatís your goal for the future?
A: Since my childhood I always wanted to succeed at Deportivo and I still wanting it. And above all, to see Deportivo succeeding. And if I can be part of it, the better. But my goal is always the short term and this season is winning the promotion.

Q: On here you have lived everything, what's the main thing?
A: In all these years I have gone through many things. Above all, I realized many things when I wasnít picked for the games. In these difficult times you realize who trust you. So many people that walk away. You learn that football is the same for everyone and that it must be taken into account in the present and in the future. I cannot say that I have felt loved, neither crushed.

Q: The pre-season started with the emphasis on the academy policies and a bunch of B team players at Abegondo. Only a little remains of that picture. Was it a false image for the fans?
A: We and the young people who came up in pre-season were aware that this was an atypical situation. The squad was really short. When you're in the B team you know you are at the expense of the reinforcements. I know it from experience. The kids lived it as they had to do it. There are very few young players that can do so many things with the first team. The academy is essential and it has been fundamental throughout this season. The mixture of experience and youth at Depor is ideal.

Q: The winter signings reduced the presence of some of them. Was there friction?
A: No. We are a great group. We all know how things are. Itís a law of football: you're one of the 25 players at the squad and will have minutes, though there will be moments when you donít play. On here no one has dropped the arms.



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