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29 Apr 2014
Deportivo B returned to the path of the victory after scoring twice within the last ten minutes in a dramatic match that caused the relegation of Dorneda. Nierga scored his first goal, while Remeseiro scored twice and is the top-scorer of the team.

Many casualties at the team of coach José Luis DevesaTonći Mujan, Stefan Deák, Toni Insua, Uxío Marcos, Álvaro Lemos, Bicho and Álex Pérez were all out due to injury reasons. Once again the coach picked players from Juvenil A in order to fill up the gaps: winger Óscar García, centre-backs Róber and Quique Fornos, plus centre midfielder Ángel Fernández.

There were many changes at the 4-2-3-1 starting lineup. Marc Martínez was the starting keeper as he returned from a suspension, Callón was the right-back defender, Aarón Rama performed on the left, Fornos and Róber were the centre-backs. Queijeiro and Adrián Martínez performed at midfield. Miguel Cardoso played on the right wing, Marcos Remeseiro was on the left, Romay was the playmaker and Marc Nierga made his first appearance as a starter performing at the centre of the attack.

The rival was A Coruña-based club CD Dorneda; the team coached by Carlos Brizzola was in a desperate situation as they were the last place at the standings and were needing to win the last three games in order to have a chance to survive. All the players were available at the team, including former Depor Geri Malaj, who was a substitute in the game.

Dramatic definition in a game that meant the condemnation of CD Dorneda. After a boring first half, the local team was the superior side in the second half, it claimed the lead, but a polemic decision of the referee left them with only ten men on the pitch. Fabril didn’t forgive and claimed a useless victory scoring twice within the last ten minutes.

The game had two different parts. In the first CD Dorneda seemed too nervous knowing that the victory was the only thing that mattered for them, while Depor B had the ball possession, but was facing the same old vertigo suffered by the team at the moment of playing in artificial pitches.

There were only three scoring opportunities in a boring first half, the first was an attempt of striker Sergio Candal ‘Chequi’ that went close to the far post of Marc Martínez (14’). In the following 25 minutes nothing occurred as Fabril was having problems to step into the rival’s area. It was until a long-range attempt of Romay that missed the target that the visiting team noticed that it could win the game (39’).

And two minutes later Adrián Martínez had the biggest opportunity in the first half as he faced one-on-one local goalie Guillermo del Valle, but the later cleared the ball to corner-kick. Fabril was a flat team in the first act, with many important casualties in attack which put the weight of the team in the shoulders of Romay, the only player that made something up front.

The second half was completely different; Dorneda were aware that only a victory was going to keep alive their small chances for the salvation and pushed strongly for the goals, so the half turned to be an exchange of blows, mainly within the last fifteen minutes. Adrián Martínez had to be replaced due to a muscle problem and Ángel Fernández claimed his spot.

Dorneda dominated during the first minutes and soon they met the goal after Chequi found a cross of Gabi Penelas inside the area to net his sixth goal on the season. The locals had things under control, but then there was a polemic play after centre-back Adrián Bouza fouled Cardoso at midfield, he was already carrying a yellow card and was sent off. The public protested the decision as they believed the action didn’t deserve a card.

The expulsion brought the nerves at Dorneda and they lost control of the game; Óscar García replaced a disappeared Cardoso and he became the revulsive in a Fabril that finally was a dangerous team in attack. But it was necessary an error at the local defense to witness the equalizer. Róber released a long cross from midfield, Guillermo failed in the attempt to clear the ball and Marc Nierga scored his first goal at Depor through a header.

But only three minutes later Dorneda were able to score again; after a corner-kick midfielder David Piña collected the clearance of Aarón Rama and scored the goal with an impressive shot from the edge of the area. It was minute 75 and the locals locked themselves trying to protect the result, even with midfielder Dapo performing as a centre-back.

And it was then that Marcos Remeseiro showed up to define the game. At minute 81, the playmaker hit the woodwork from close range and in the next play he equalized the game again with a header after collecting a cross from Óscar García. And three minutes later he found the winning goal after he was attempting a cross that was deflected by Cristian Paz past Guillermo.

At the beginning the goal was reported as an own goal, but referee Alejandro Vázquez wrote in the act that the scorer was Remeseiro, so with the brace the former player of Cerceda is the top-scorer at the team with ten goals in favour.

The last five minutes were frantic, Carlos Brizzola made two desperate changes, one of them was the entry of Geri Malaj, while Devesa ordered an offensive modification as Cañi replaced Callón, but there were no more goals.

Deportivo B returned to the path of the victory in a dramatic game with a cruel end for Dorneda. The first half was boring and all the excitement came in the second part. Remeseiro scored a brace at the end of the meeting. To notice that four Juvenil A players, Róber, Fornos, Ángel Fernández and Óscar García, were on the pitch for the final minutes helping to clinch the win; actually Óscar was the revulsive to change the tide of the match.

Dorneda can still mathematically reach the 16th position, bur Celta B suffered the relegation from Segunda B on Sunday, so five clubs will suffer the relegation on this season and Dorneda is the first one. Fabril are now at the 9th place and in the best of the cases it can climb two positions with two games remaining. On next weekend Depor’s youngsters are hosting CD Choco, a team with a small chance of reaching the promotion zone.

Dorneda: (4-2-3-1) Guillermo - Martín, Adrián Bouza, Cristian Paz, Jorge Rebollo - Dapo, David Piña - Gabi Penelas (Jhony 85’), Mon (Geri 85’), Iago Blanco - Chequi.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez – Callón (Cañi 84’), Róber, Fornos, Aarón – Queijeiro, Adrián Martínez (Ángel Fernández 49’) – Cardoso (Óscar García 65’), Romay, Remeseiro - Nierga
Goals: 1-0: (57’) Chequi, 1-1: (72’) Nierga, 2-1: (75’) David Piña, 2-2: (81’) Remeseiro, 2-3: (84’) Remeseiro
Referee: Alejandro Vázquez García. He showed yellow card to Gabi Penelas (63’), Romay (88’) and Chequi (90’). Adrián Bouza was sent off with two yellow cards (46’ & 63’).
Venue: Eugenio Pardo Conchado field (300)




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