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02 May 2014
Despite his recent solid games, Juan Carlos could end out of the starting lineup ahead of Saturday’s match with CD Lugo, but the playmaker is aware the coach could be forced to make changes. He also says that the team remains calm after the last defeat.

Juan Carlos conceded a press conference on Thursday. He’s aware that he can be one of the “sacrificed” players for Saturday’s game as coach Fernando Vázquez is thinking of switching the draw, “I know that I am always one of the first changes, but later the coach will decide what the best is. All the players want to perform, and looking how the environment will be for this game then everybody will like to play, but if it doesn’t happen it is because the coach searches the best for the team.”

And it’s that the playmaker is aware that Depor could need changes after the last defeat, “Truly the other day we didn’t make a good game, so there could be changes and the coach will decide what the best for the team is. If there will be a change of the systems or change of players, but in the end we are Depor; there are great players on here that aren’t taking part of the games and let’s see how we play on Saturday.”

Still, the ex-Fabril doesn’t think that the latest setback is going to affect Deportivo, “During the year we also lived negative streaks, and knowing all the difficulties lived since the beginning we need to remain calm. The team knows where it is going and we are there by our own merits, so we don’t need to be nervous, precisely that’s the reason why we have this mattress of points.”

Asked by a reporter if Depor should fell pressed or relaxed ahead of the game with Lugo, the Galician player answered that, “I believe the situation cannot fall into any of both extremes. Neither we can be relaxed thinking of the mattress of points that the team has nor we can be anxious. We must assume the situation just as we did it in the rest of the season. It’s a game in which we can add the three points.”

He was mentioning the keys to face the meeting at the Anxo Carro, “We are willing to make a good game, following the path that we were having before the home game with Ponferradina. We must continue doing our job. We must try to go out trying to have the ball, defending well and trying to be a solid block. I know people there; Pablo Álvarez, Pita, Iván Pérez… Dani Mallo, people that I met here. Not friends, but colleges and I hope the best for them.”

For him one of the keys is the environment that will be lived in this meeting between Galician teams, “The stadium will be full; there will be a lot of people from both teams. The environment will be special throughout the day. For the players it’s motivating and surely it will be a great game.”

Finally, Juan Carlos doesn’t think that, despite the statistics, Depor are feeling more comfortable playing on the road, this after been asked if the team is now more relaxed facing two straight away games, “Truly at the Riazor we aren’t having good results, but we try to win no matter we go out or not. The true is that the team doesn’t feel more secure only for going to play away from home.”



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