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05 May 2014
The papers pointed out that each side dominated a half in the game; the defensive approach of Deportivo during the second half was criticized as the team ended dropping two important points in the quest for promotion.

Deporte Campeón: Again they were carried away. Deportivo missed the chance to leave the promotion almost on track at the Anxo Carro. In the first part the team was like a steamroller, smothering Lugo and scoring twice, while in the second their guard was down and ended locked at the back, 'resurrecting' the rojiblanco outfit and allowing them to balance a game that now forces Deportivo to be aware of other games to end assessing if this point is positive or not. Israel Zautúa.

La Voz de Galicia: Lugo punish Depor. The Galician derby at Segunda División allowed an outcome that would satisfy both clubs. A good distribution of points, great atmosphere at the stands and one half of the game for each side. But the feeling is of inevitable disappointment for Deportivo after dominating the first act, things turned to be complicated and ended conceding a draw that punished its conservatism.

Rennella hunt two goals to provoke the draw in the derby played at the Angel Carro, revolutionized by the arrival of Pablo Álvarez, who put Lugo back in the game after been drowsy by the punch and solidity of Depor in the opening 45 minutes. But the goals from Ifrán and Insua were diluted in a Depor that, when it wanted to step into the opposite field, it had already lost all their conquests at the Angel Carro, stadium that finished vibrating with the faith of a local team that never gave up. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor give up in the trench. The promotion will have to wait a week even though Deportivo saw itself virtually at Primera for several minutes. It missed a great opportunity to take another giant step towards the goal. It had the game in one hand and eventually ended asking for the final whistle to go out alive from the Anxo Carro. At least it saved a point from the trench. It was installed there after the break and after a notable first part in which it clinched a two-goal lead, then wasted it in the final stretch. By the thrust of Lugo, but also by the conformity of the leader. It isn’t the first time that it ends skating when it makes a step back. Yesterday not only gave one. It made a few with five defenders and falling back blatantly before a combative Lugo that could have even completed the comeback with a third goal.

All the good things did by Depor in the first half were diluted in the second. It defended exclusively without the ball, giving up and almost without stepping into the opposite field, and ended up giving a tie that tastes like nothing considering how the game was painted by half-time. A week after the disaster against Ponferradina at the Riazor, Deportivo had an obligation to provide a completely different picture, with more football and especially with a higher dose of intensity. It had it at the beginning, advancing the pressure line to smother Lugo in its defensive half.

The 1-2 hit hard Depor, side that blatantly resigned to attack to end locked at their area. Vazquez lasted in making the changes and when he reacted it was to plant a defensive line with five men leaving a suffocated Sissoko as the front man. It resigned to seek the counterattack and that fact revived Lugo, side that pushed hard after finding the prize of the draw. The game was too short for Lugo and longer for Depor, a team that was exhausted and at the mercy of the opponent. At least it rescued a point. Too short, but little else.Eugenio Cobas.

El Progreso (Lugo): Derbi for everyone. The ‘onosoderbi’ didn’t find a winner. CD and Deportivo lived another draw on Saturday, as it happened in the first round (this time 2-2), after a match in which each team dominated a half. It was an intense game, lived with the same delivery at the stands of an Angel Carro that had the best attendance in its history: officially, 7,564 spectators. The result also satisfies, at least apparently, both teams: Lugo reached 50 points, according to statistics, securing the permanence, and Deportivo are one point closer to promotion. However, there are also complaints: los rojiblancos, for the suffering to reach the tie; los Blanquiazules because the five defenders that were put on the field almost had the opposite effect. Andrés Santana.



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