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16 May 2014
Juicy press conference by Depor’s officials, Juan Dominguez could end leaving the club, Ernesto Bello will continue as the sporting director, there will be some changes in the club’s structure and Fran isn’t coming, though he was contacted.

Sporting advisor Fernando Vidal and the current sporting director Ernesto Bello offered a breakfast/press conference on Thursday. They explained some current issues at the club. The one that gathered the attention was the situation with Juan Dominguez as it hasn’t been possible to negotiate his contract extension. They also talked of Fran and the rumours of his arrival as the direct of the academy and Vidal ended confirming that Bello will stay at the club as the sporting director. The following is a translation of the main issues explained by them.

[Fernando Vidal] “We called his agent and the reality is that it’s difficult to see him renewing. When you have interest then you come to A Coruña and… “

[Ernesto Bello] “We’ve a good relation with him [the agent], but he hasn’t responded to our calls and we have been calling him for a while, not since now but since the stage with the past board of directors. He [the player] is open to continue, at least he says so, but his agent isn’t giving signs of life. He says to be open to do it, but he isn’t the one that negotiates. That’s an evasive response from an agent. It’s very difficult and you don’t know how far we can go. The current situation of the club is the same one of the 90% of the Spanish clubs. Right now the negotiation with Juan Dominguez is completely stopped. We are expecting for the arrival of his agent and the fact is that he asked us for the price of Juan. We don’t want to see Juan leaving, but if you come with an offer… The president said it in one of his first press conferences: almost everything is for sale. In the case of Juan, we have interest in the renewal, but there are only evasive answers until now.”

[Fernando Vidal] “With four matchdays left, we are playing for a lot of things. At this point we’ve a privileged position compared to the third spot and Sunday’s game is very important to all of us. If we win the game, despite Las Palmas can win in Madrid, it means to keep the gap of five points, and with only nine points remaining then it means a lot. So, Sunday’s game is the key and that’s why we want to transmit tranquility to the whole group. They should remain quiet as we are supporting them. I see that the team is optimistic. Any other team at Segunda would love to be living our current situation. However nothing is certified, it remains undone and you need to complete it.”

Ernesto Bello and Fernando Vidal during the press conference

 [Fernando Vidal] “The whole structure isn’t totally defined yet, there are some positions that already were decided, but we must be clear that the subject of the academy won’t be completed in the short-term, neither in three months nor in six. We will do it with calm.”

[Fernando Vidal] “I would love it, but there’s a problem with the availability. He has a life in Barcelona. He’s a symbol of Deportivo despite some people says otherwise. I believe that’s scandalous to discuss now the Deportivismo of Fran. Beyond his career, which you already know, he’s a socio and a shareholder of Deportivo. I believe that he never asked anything that wasn’t right, on the pitch he was number one. What I can say to you is that Fran has opened to me the doors in the world of football and he did it without any interest. Also other people did, just like I hope the last president of the club will do it as he has a big power with the relations in football. We have said it before: at Deportivo there are no vetoes, neither financial nor emotional. There are no vetoes on here. Right now it isn’t easy to see him arriving, because he has his life done. It isn’t a financial problem, because he’s a disinterested person. In any case there will other persons in that place, professionals that will fulfill the duties.”

[Fernando Vidal] “The current structure will be the one used with us. Probably one person will join the club and will cooperate with Ernesto [Bello], but nothing is defined yet despite many sources already gave names. In any case I can confirm to you that there won’t be any intermediary between Ernesto and me. Maybe someone at the same height or even below him. What we are going to do is to incorporate more people for the medical and technical stuff, this in order to do a better job. The same structure will be kept at the academy, some people will be moved of their current position, some people will come, but there won’t be traumatic changes. Our philosophy is different compared to the previous people that were here, but there won’t be traumatic changes.”

[Fernando Vidal] “I believe that in the current world of football one of the main problems are the expenses that weren’t included in the initial budget and many clubs, regarding the issue of the bonuses, end changing a lot the initial budget. It is true. The agreement with the players is there, though it isn’t signed. For me, as it happens with the companies, the bonuses must be individual and not collective. Actually some players’ contracts already have this issue and our job for future negotiations is to include many bonuses, for scoring goals in the case of been strikers, for the permanence at Primera or for a promotion. We must try to motivate the players for reaching goals. Currently it is normal to offer bonuses to the players for qualifying to the Champions, the Europa League or getting a title. It’s a common practice that we will try to change for the future. If we end paying bonuses then it will be done, but in several payments. In annuities. That’s for sure. Deportivo cannot do it in one single year.”

[Fernando Vidal] “I say it since now: the sporting decisions won’t be marked by anyone. In the end how do you quantify how many people is against and in favour of a decision? When Deportivo didn’t sign a Celta’s player, that was very good [Karpin], because there were painted messages at the Riazor, was it a success or a failure? For me it was an error, because he was a great player. How many people supported what was painted? For me the clear thing is that these things won’t affect me. Neither Ernesto Bello, nor the president, nor someone else. If later the people say in five years that they aren’t happy then they can change us and nothing happens. No one will mark us the way, only us.”



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